Reduce blue light by 32%
A glossy protective film that is easy on the eyes and dosen't tint yellow or black

  • A bubble-less protective film for use with the Xperia™ to reduce blue light
  • Reduces the blue light emitted by the LED display by 32%
  • Made from the newest film material so the display won't tint yellow or black
  • Japan-made quality film
  • Anti-glare film
  • Antibacterial treatment keeps the screen clean forever
  • Non-adhesive film that can be applied repeatedly
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth is included for wiping off fingerprints
  • Squeegee card to squeeze out air bubbles under the film
  • Dust-removing tape for cleaning before applying film
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Reduce eye strain

Simplism Blue Light Reduction & Bubble-less Film Set for Xperia™ Anti-glare was made to reduce the blue light emitted by the Xperia™’s LED display, reducing eye strain while providing protection. It clings to the display without use of adhesives for repeated and residue free application

Lens film

A lens film is included. Since it is a small film, please pay careful attention.

Blue light reduction reduces eye strain

LED displays emit blue light at similar wavelengths to ultraviolet rays which can be hard on your retinas. According to recent research, long continuous viewing can cause eyestrain, sleep loss and can lower concentration ability.

This bubble-less protective film cuts the amount of blue light around the range of 450 nm by up to 32%.

Conventional blue light reduction films used a yellow tint to neutralize the blue light emissions but this also caused the display to have a yellow tinge. Simplism uses the latest “non-yellow” materials made in Japan to provide the blue light reduction benefit while maintaining a true color display. In addition, the dark shading that sometimes occurs when attempting to compensate for yellow tinting has been reduced so this film is nearly colorless.

*Blue light reduction effectiveness may vary depending upon environmental conditions and the user's sensitivity.

Easy to apply

Frustrating – those stubborn air bubbles left under the film! Any dust left on the surface is the culprit of the bubble.

Simplism Bubble-less Film has a special silicone coating on the adhesive side of the film to help solve the bubble staying problem.

Simplism added 3 supporting items in the set to provide a better experience and best application result:

1. Remove any dust and smudges on the display thoroughly with the Microfiber cleaning cloth.
2. Use the Dust-removing tape included in the set to remove any dust.
3. If you still see bubbles underneath the film, use the squeegee card to get rid of the bubbles.
* There is a chance that air bubbles stay under the film when there is some dust left on the surface. Please try to wipe off the dust before applying.


  • I just bought the protector film and it was bent and damaged.Please contact the retailer/distributor where you purchased the product.
  • What is the best way to apply the display protector film?The reason air bubbles remain between the film and the display is dust on the display surface. Use the Cleaning Cloth, Dust-removing Tape and the Leveler to ensure a dust-free surface when applying the film.
  • Can I take the film off and re-apply it?Yes. As long as you do not damage or bend the film upon removing it, you can re-apply the film.

Model Number

  • Blue Light Reduction & Bubble-less Double Film Set for Xperia Z1 Compact Clear


  • ・Display protector film(Clear)
    ・Back film(Crystal Clear)
    ・Lens film
    ・Microfiber cleaning cloth
    ・Squeegee card
    ・Dust-removing tape


Product Size 59 × 121 × 0.3mm(W × H × D)
Product Weight 2g/1 sheet
Package Size 80 × 172 × 3mm(W × H × D)
Package Weight 16g
Compatible Product Xperia™ Z1 Compact

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