Strong shock resistance
Unbreakable protective power

  • Special film protects display from accidental bumps
  • Multi-layer structure absorbs and diffuses minor impacts
  • Film absorbs and protects the display glass surface when a 10.22oz/290g
  • High-gloss film is crystal clear
  • Does not interfere with touch (feature) - only 0.29mm thick
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth, squeegee card and dust removing tape included
  • Non-adhesive film that can be applied repeatedly

Guards the glass display from strong impacts

The Simplism Shock Absorption Film Set for Xperia™ Crystal Clear is a protective film for the Xperia™ that protects the display screen from strong impacts.

This product provides surprisingly strong resistance to shocks. With a device that is brought everywhere and used in a variety of situations, it could be expected that the screen may eventually be damaged by an unexpected shock.

Compared to conventional films this product is second to none in thinness, and with just one sheet protects the display from impact.

Lens film

A lens film is included. Since it is a small film, please pay careful attention.

Very thin - 0.29mm thick

This product passed our durability test of having a 290g iron ball dropped on it from a height of 2m.*

There's a reason we test at a height of 2m. In cases in which the device slips out of the user's hand and is dropped, the position of the hand is usually higher than 1m, so resistance at a height of only 1m is not enough. The device's weight is about 120g, and even with a case attached it is about 140g. From this we can conclude that being able to resist the impact of a 290g iron ball dropped from a height of 2m is more than enough to protect the device. This product provides such protective resistance at a thickness of just 0.29mm.

Crystal clear and invisible! Is the film even there?

Crystal Clear Film is so clear and “invisible” it almost seems as if nothing has been applied. The film maintains a clear view and does not affect the display brightness or contrast. A hard-coated, “PET” material is just the right thickness for easy installation.

Dare to scratch it!

The high-grade, anti-scratch film is damage resistant under normal use. In scratch testing with abrasive brushes, this film kept the display safe and scratch-free. Apply this great protection film to keep your Xperia™ display worry-free from scratch damage.

*Protector film prevents most scratches encountered during normal use, but may not protect against all situations or damage.

3 items to help applying the Protector Film:

The set contains 3 items to make the film application easier than ever.

1. Microfiber cleaning cloth
2. Dust-removing tape
3. Squeegee card

Before applying the film, use the microfiber cleaning cloth and the Dust-removing tape to remove dust and smudges on the surface. After the film has been applied, squeeze the air bubbles out using the squeegee card.


  • I just bought the protector film and it was bent and damaged.Please contact the retailer/distributor where you purchased the product.
  • What is the best way to apply the display protector film?The reason air bubbles remain between the film and the display is dust on the display surface. Use the Cleaning Cloth, Dust-removing Tape and the Leveler to ensure a dust-free surface when applying the film.
  • Can I take the film off and re-apply it?Yes. As long as you do not damage or bend the film upon removing it, you can re-apply the film.

Model Number

  • Shock Absorption Double Film Set for Xperia Z1 Compact Crystal Clear


  • ・Display protector film( Crystal Clear)
    ・Back film( Crystal Clear)
    ・Lens film
    ・Microfiber cleaning cloth
    ・Squeegee card
    ・Dust-removing tape


Product Size 59 × 121 × 0.3mm(W × H × D)
Product Weight 2g/1 sheet
Package Size 80 × 172 × 3mm(W × H × D)
Package Weight 16g
Compatible Product Xperia™ Z1 Compact

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