Simplism Starter Pack for iPod nano (6th) includes everything you need to take care of your iPod. The items in the kit improve usability of iPod while protecting it.

  • iPod nano (6th) Starter Pack
  • Assortment of 7 colors
  • 9 items to take good care of your iPod nano (6th):
    1. 1.Silicone Case
      Elegant and soft silicone case with anti-dust coating to protect your iPod nano.
    2. 2.Silicone Neck Strap
      Silicone Neck Strap to wear your iPod nano (6th) around your neck (45cm).
    3. 3.USB Charger
      Handy USB wall charger for charging without PC (supports 100V ~ 240V).
    4. 4.Ear pad
      Color-coordinated ear pads to protect your ears while listening to music for extended periods.
    5. 5.Display protector film
      Display protector film to protect display from scratches.
    6. 6.Microfiber cleaning cloth
      Microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe off dust and fingerprints on display.
    7. 7.Dust-removing tape
      Dust-removing tape to clean display before applying a protector film
    8. 8.Dock Connector Cover
      Dock Connector Cover to guard Dock Connector from dust and getting damaged. Comes with a strap.
    9. 9.Cable Clip to organize excess cable
      A unique wavy shape cable clip to prevent tangling cable

Includes everything you need for iPod nano (6th)

Simplism Starter Pack for iPod nano (6th) includes everything you need to take care of your iPod. The items in the kit improve usability of iPod while protecting it.

The following 9 items are included in the kit to provide full protection. Silicone case - a secure protection against dust and scratches. Neck strap - a convenient strap made with a skin-friendly material. USB charger - a wall charger that allows to charge without PC. Ear pads - soft protection for your ears. Display protector film - a film to protect display. Cleaning cloth - for keeping your iPod nano always clean. Leveler - to squeeze out air bubbles under the film. Dust-removing tape - for cleaning before applying film Dock connector cover - a cover that prevents dust from entering in. Cable Clip - to organize excess cable.

Protects your iPod nano (6th)


All controls, connectors and rear click can directly be accessed without removing from case.

Silicone Case has an anti-dust coating which doesn't stick dust and keeps smooth touch. There is a strap hole at the bottom and if you use it with a neck strap in a kit you can hang your iPod nano from your neck.

A non allergenic silicone is used for a strap as it is a human-friendly material and has direct skin contact. Silicone is known as one of a few materials that does not cause allergic reactions and is used for various products such as kitchen tools. Neck strap has also an anti-dust coating.

Additionally, microfiber cloth in the kit is for cleaning the display and body of iPod nano.

Protects Dock connector


The dock connector is repeatedly connected and disconnected for charging or synchronization. So protect it nicely with a cover. The accompanying dock cover protects the dock from dust and scratches to against bad connection.

Matching color is used for the Dock connector cover. You can attach the strap behind the case so that you don't lose it.

*This Dock connector cover only works as a protection for a Dock connector. Do not use it as a neck strap. The cover easily slips out when hanged with iPod nano.

Use iPod nano comfortably


iPod nano (6th) comes with a cable for synchronization and charging, and charging requires a PC. Starter Pack for iPod nano (6th) contains USB charger which allows you to charge directly from electric outlet. The charger is relatively small and portable.

The kit also includes ear pads which are no longer bundled with iPod nano. The ear pads gently prevent pain due to a long time use. The color coordinated silicone case, Dock connector cover, and ear pads will give a stylish look.

Available in 7 colors


You can choose from 7 colors, Clear, Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink and Red.

Complete transparency film


Crystal Clear type of Display Protector Film is included. It is very clear and practically invisible. It does not affect the brightness and the contrast of display and keeps clear view. The PET material film with adequate thickness makes it easier to apply.

Conventional Display Film was made with several hard coating layers which resulted in having the interference fringe. Simplism Crystal Cover Set for iPod nano (6th) is employed new Japan-made durable film which has less interference fringe.

Handy Cable Clip


Wave shaped Cable Clip in the kit can help to organize excess cable. You can clip to your bag or pocket at your best position.

型番・JAN / Model Number・JAN

  • Starter Pack for iPod nano (6th) Clear

  • Starter Pack for iPod nano (6th) Black

  • Starter Pack for iPod nano (6th) Blue

  • Starter Pack for iPod nano (6th) Green

  • Starter Pack for iPod nano (6th) Orange

  • Starter Pack for iPod nano (6th) Pink

  • Starter Pack for iPod nano (6th) Red

カラー / Color

  • Clear

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Green

  • Orange

  • Pink

  • Red

パッケージ内容 / Package

  • Silicone Case x1
    Silicone Neck Strap x1
    USB Charger (Supports 100~240V) x1
    Ear pad x2
    Display Protector Film (Crystal Clear) x1
    Microfiber Cleaning Cloth x1
    Dust-removing tape ×1
    Dock Connector Cover x1
    Cable Clip ×1

仕様 / Spec

USB Charger Supports INPUT:100-240V OUTPUT:5V/1A
Silicone Neck Strap 45cm
Cleaning Cloth Size 100 × 100(mm)
Compatible with iPod nano (6h)

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