Simplism Dual USB Charger Air supplies electric power to the two USB ports from an electric outlet at home.

  • USB charger with two ports
  • Supports 100V~240V
  • Stable supply large capacity of electric power with 5V/1000mA
  • Overcurrent protection, overcharge protecting circuit
  • Simple and beautiful design
  • Compact shape and easy to carry
  • A lifting cover prevents dusts from entering to ports
  • LED light for charging status
  • A rotary plug that rotates 180 degree
  • Color available in basic Black and White

Charges two gadgets at once

Simplism Dual USB Charger Air supplies electric power to the two USB ports from an electric outlet at home.

This product charges a number of gadgets, such as cellular phones and portable video game players via USB ports. As this charger has two USB ports, two gadgets can be charged at a time, so there is no more wait time for the second one.

Dual USB Charger Air supports wide range of power voltage which is from 100V to 240V, and is capable of supplying stable electric power for almost all devices with 5V/1000mA that can be charged via USB port. Dual USB Charger Air charges iPod and iPhone while original standard of USB, 5V/1000mA sometimes does not charge them.

*When charging two devices and the total electric power exceeds 1000mA, the device connected later may not be charged.

Dual USB Charger Air is safe to use as it is protected with overcharge protection circuit, etc. and is compliant with PSE standard, Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act in Japan which is the most strict regulation in the world. Moreover, equipped LED displays charging status.

Designed with attention to usability and beauty

There are so many 2 USB port wall charger in the market since many of digital devices can be charged via USB port. However, existing products have a similar and boring look, and no attention is paid to dust accumulation in the ports.

Pop-up style is used for USB port in order to prevent dust from entering the ports. The beautiful streamlined shape of two USB ports smartly opens and reminds of Apple's hit "MacBook Air". Moreover, because the USB connector is facing down, the connected plugs will not stick out. Dual USB Charger Air provides unprecedented usability and practicality.

Furthermore, because of the simple and beautifully curved design, using the charger has become more fun. This minimal and compact shape is handy and looking good at the same time. The glimmer of light that indicates charging status can be a nice interior accessory.

型番・JAN / Model Number・JAN

  • Dual USB Charger Air Style White

  • Dual USB Charger Air Style Black

カラー / Color

  • White

  • Black

パッケージ内容 / Package

  • Simplism Dual USB Charger Air ×1

仕様 / Spec

Input AC 100V~240V 0.3A Max
Output DC 5V/1000mA (+/- 5%)
Connector USB A-type female ×2
Operating temperature 0&~65℃
Storage temperature -20℃~85℃
Complied with CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE
Product size 50 × 26 × 63mm(W x H x D)including the USB port cover
Product weight 57g
package size W98 ×H165 × D31(mm)
package weight 95g
Compatible with Apple iPod/iPhone
Cellular phone
Portable video game player such as PSP and Nintendo DS
USB converter cable/Device that can be charged with an adapter (1000mA max.)

*USB cable required for charging devices.

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