Simplism Crystal Shell for iPod nano (5th) is a clear hard case that protects your iPod nano from dust and scratches.

  • Hard case for iPod nano (5th)
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate material
  • Anti-scratch coating for more clear look
  • Direct access to all controls
  • Wheel protector film included
  • Strap holes on back
  • Dock connector cover included
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth included

Beautifully protects iPod nano

Simplism Crystal Shell for iPod nano (5th) is a clear hard case that protects your iPod nano from dust and scratches. The high transparency of polycarbonate material makes the case almost unnoticeable, while it is impact and heat resistant.

Secure cover with same handleability

All controls can be directly accessed without removing from case. A camera hole is also ready for taking pictures and video. The display will not get scratches, as this case covers whole iPod except the click wheel. Wheel Protector Film allows the controls to be smooth while it protects from dust and scratches. Strap holes are there on the bottom back of the case to attach your favorite strap.

It is an easy step to put on a case. Simply put front and rear cover on iPod nano. The minimal design keeps slim silhouette of iPod nano. The kit also includes a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

Seamless case

Crystal Shell for iPod nano is made with well thought out molding. The mold is designed not to leave any marks on front and back of case upon forming. All the joints on top of case are set on one side. These well designed details resulted in beautifully clean and clear protection for iPod nano.

The shell covers whole iPod nano including display. This makes the case almost seamless, smooth, and noticeably invisible.

Anti-scratch coating

The existing hard case has a critical problem. The case itself can get badly-scratched in a short time. Although a number of tiny scratches indicates that the case is actually protecting the iPod inside, the case needs to be damage-free for a better look.

In order to solve this problem, "anti-dust coating" is done on Crystal Shell for iPod nano. This coating helps to reduce the appearance of scratches under normal use. The case remains clear and lasts much longer with iPod inside.

*The coating does not guarantee scratch proof.

Protects Dock Connecto

The Dock connector is repeatedly connected and disconnected for charging or synchronization. So treat it nicely with a Dock cover in the kit. This Dock cover protects the dock from dust and scratches to against bad connection.

A strap is attached to the Dock cover and by passing it through the strap holes on the back of the case, it will not be missing.

*This Dock connector cover only works as a protection for a Dock connector. Do not use it as a neck strap. The cover easily slips out when hanged with iPod.

型番・JAN / Model Number・JAN

  • Crystal Shell for iPod nano(5th)

パッケージ内容 / Package

  • Simplism Crystal Shell for iPod nano(5th)×1
    Wheel Protector Film ×1
    Microfiber Cleaning Cloth ×1
    Dock Connector Cover ×1

仕様 / Spec

Product size W41 ×H93 × D10(mm)
Product weight 39g
package size W98 ×H149 × D20(mm)
package weight 49g
Compatible with iPod nano (5th)

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