On-the-go all inclusive wallet case

  • Horizontal flip note type case
  • Separated card holder and simple case
  • Snap button
  • Protects the whole device by covering it up
  • No-use of magnet, incoherent to magnetic cards
  • Bill holder
  • Coin case with zipper
  • Full cover
  • Strap hole
  • 8 card holders
  • Original leather like PU material
  • SImple two tone colors
  • Cable manager for headphones
  • Hand strap

The purse which enters iPhone and coin is combination and a split.

Simplism [Splitter] Flip Note Wallet Case is like a full size purse that can store everything you need on the go.

When you go out, carry your iPhone and wallet at the same time. Previously, you would always need to carry your phone and wallet separately. With this case, you can minimize luggage and carry everything togeter.

You can carry the wallet and the iPhone case together in the wallet. When in the shop or a restaurant, your cards and money will be taken out along side your iPhone.

However, when the wallet is not needed, simply remove the iPhone sleeve and carry it around leaving your wallet in a bag for a lighter more compact case.

Choose the most effective way to carry around your iphone depending on the location with this “split” type iPhone case.

The best convenience is offered at a rich card slot.

IC cards, credit cards, ID cards, and membership cards can also find a home in the Splitter. Five slots are available for use along with two large storage pockets, a side pocket for bills, and a coin purse. Everything from tickets to receipts can be housed in the Splitter.

In addition, in the single flip -type iPhone case comes with one credit card slot.

A structure that does not use a magnet. Credit cards can be stored in peace.

We are working on improving the convenience of a case so we made it possible for the Splitter to hold a large number of card.

No magnets are used in the case. Cards with magnetic strips can be stored without being demagnetized. Electronic compasses and apps work without any glitches, giving you peace of mind.

Simplism’s original premium skin material

In pursuing quality texture and colors, we adopted our Premium Skin material which is made from our patented PU (polyurethane) fabric.

General PU material that is sold on the market today lacks individuality. Mass production leads to common colors and textures and manufacturers can’t seem to distinguish their materials from other mass produced material on the market.

Simplism’s Premium Skin is completely original. There are no other products on the market that uses the same materials that are adopted in Simplism’s products.

The best feature of the Premium Skin is in its texture. By repeating the staining process, it enhances the depth of color and look due to the grain of the texture. As a result, exquisite shades of color and detailed grain are engraved in every product. In addition to its appearance, our PU material is durable and has a higher tolerance to scuffing and scratches. The soft pleasant textured material is perfect for smartphone cases that are handled everyday.

Chic two-tone color

They are not flashy colors, but to produce the chic two-tone color scheme we used different colors on the interior than the exterior. When you flip open the case, the color is different than that of the smooth exterior color coupled with the fashion sense of the Premium Skin. In addition, the lining of the case adopts a sharp nice fabric that of which is used in suits to correlate to the business scene.

In commitment over the details in the design, gleaming accents were added

Splitter have been made a commitment of design in detail. One is the case holder . In the general case, the plastic part has been used as intended for you only want to hold the iPhone. The side in the case holder of Splitter is engraved a diagonal line , and the sharper image, we are crowded into a fine texture also on the internal structure does not appear Once you have installed the iPhone.

In addition, the silver gleaming Simplism+ logo produces an eye catching esthetic to the case. The inside of the case flips open to decorative design with embossed silver giving the finish a sense of luxury.

Strap hole equipment and hand strap peace of mind by enclosure , safety

Strap attached to the plastic case hole slightly from string straps and open a larger hole, making it easier through the strap. It is also possible to use a commercially available strap.


A new style of packaging; a reusable cable manager included

The package hook is no ordinary hook, it also doubles as a removable cable manager. Even after removing the contents of the package, please remove this hook and re-use without discarding it.

Your headphones are wound up tight and are fastened to the hooks at each corner. Unravel for the desired length when using your headphones. This cable manager removes the hassle of tangled headphones when in your bag or pocket.


  • Or contains the maximum number of cards? 8 sheets and can accommodate up to.

型番・JAN / Model Number・JAN

  • Black

  • Brown

  • Green

  • Red

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  • ・Case
    ・Hand strap
    ・Cable manager


color Black
Size 88.2 × 156.6 × 35.4mm(W × H × D)
Weight 160g
Package Size 110 × 180 × 37mm(W × H × D)
Package Weight 220g
Compatible Product iPhone 6s (4.7inch * 2015 Model)
iPhone 6 (4.7inch * 2014 Model)

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