Dress up your iPhone with fun fabric cases
Cases with card pockets

  • Fabrics with beautiful textures and designs
  • Easy snap-on back-case style
  • Card pocket inside of the case
  • Strap hole
  • Cable manager to organize headphones
  • Hand strap

Enjoy the textures and patterns

Simplism [NUNO] Fabric Case is a case that gently wraps the iPhone in a combination of reinforced plastic and fabric.

The tough reinforced plastic case is extremely thin. The fabric (cloth) is pasted on by hand giving you a variety of textures while firmly protecting your iPhone.

Fabric patterns

These fabric cases can be selected to fit the season or fashion. With a variety of patterns and fabrics, all varying in thickness and textures, you will surely find one to fit your style.

Each case is handmade, making the cases subtly different even if it is the same pattern. Giving each case its own individual character.

We adopted new variations and colors of the popular Denim and Check series to further expand each person’s style and taste.

Operability is not affected. Designed to securely protect

The case houses all buttons and ports (audio jack, volume control, silent switch, power button, charging port) and does not impede the camera lens. The case will not be noticed when in use.

A hand strap is included

A hand strap with matching fabric is included. When using the large iPhone, the  larger strap (120mm) making operating the screen tremendously easier. In addition, it adds added security in case your phone accidentally slips out of your hand.

The strap holes are reinforced with metal eyelets, making it easier to attach the strap and harder for it to break. It is also possible to use any other store bought strap with this phone.

Equipped with a card pocket

Equipped with a card pocket inside of the case to further enhance the ease of use. Between the case and the back of the iphone, a space is provided to hold a non-contact IC type card. Stress free public transportation and smartpay capabilities are possible with this mobile wallet.

In order to prevent radio interference, a magnetic shielding sheet (sold separately) should be used when an IC card is stored in the back of the phone.

A new style of packaging; a reusable cable manager included

The package hook is no ordinary hook, it also doubles as a removable cable manager. Even after removing the contents of the package, please remove this hook and re-use without discarding it.

Your headphones are wound up tight and are fastened to the hooks at each corner. Unravel for the desired length when using your headphones. This cable manager removes the hassle of tangles headphones when in your bag or pocket.


  • The IC card that was placed in the case comes back as an error reading?/b> Radio waves from the device may have caused an interference. Please apply the optional magnetic shielding strip and place it in between the IC card and the case.

型番・JAN / Model Number・JAN

  • Camouflage

  • Canvas Border

  • Paisley

  • Purple Cross Line

  • Glen Check

  • Green Check

  • Red Check

  • Denim

  • Black Denim

  • Red Denim

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  • ・Case
    ・Hand strap
    ・Cable manager


color Camouflage
Canvas Border
Purple Cross Line
Glen Check
Green Check
Red Check
Black Denim
Red Denim
Size 80 × 158.5 × 10mm(W × H × D)
Weight 26g
Package Size 125 × 191 × 22mm(W × H × D)
Package Weight 75g
Compatible Product iPhone 6s Plus (5.5inch * 2015 Model)
iPhone 6 Plus (5.5inch * 2014 Model)

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