The Jigen series uses a cutting edge 3 dimensional digital data creating technology D3 TEXTURE developed in Japan.

  • K’s Design Lab x Simplism
  • Simplism & D3 TEXTURE collaboration series "Jigen" (Jigen means "dimension" in Japanese)
  • Products made exclusively in Japan
  • Fine 3D scanner used to reproduce exclusive natural textures
  • Natural and realistic textures
  • Four unique textures: “thread”, “quilt”, “sparkle” and “ridge” designs
  • Edgy undulating high/low surface emphasizing the texture (ridge, crystal)
  • Natural materials combined to form optical illusions (quilt, stitch)
  • Card pocket
  • Strap hole
  • Combination of cutting-edge Japanese machinery and sophisticated craftsmanship
  • Manufactured with Japanese high-precision machining and molding techniques
  • Made on the latest equipment and with world-class craftsmanship
  • Leading edge technology and thorough design
  • Developed by a team of experts in a variety of fields
  • Everything is made in Japan

Made exclusively in Japan.

Since launching in 2007 in Japan, Simplism has offered many of Apple's iPod, iPhone and iPad accessories including protective films, cases, and battery chargers. In addition to the existing line-up, Simplism has always been eager to develop products with a strong and unique identity that cannot be found in the current market.

Thanks to Japanese freelance IT journalist Nobuyuki Hayashi, Simplism's president Tetsushi Hoshikawa was introduced to K's Design Lab Inc.'s CEO Yuji Hara. Hoshikawa was impressed by K's Design Lab's cutting edge three-dimensional digital data-creating system that is called D3 TEXTURE. The technology reproduces the natural texture precisely onto a plastic surface in a look and touch that appears random with depth, simulating the real thing.

Mr. Hayashi foresaw the great potential in D3 TEXTURE and believed that introducing this team would create a wonderful synergy. Mr. Hara was seeking an opportunity to showcase the system as a main characteristic of the product, rather than a small component of a product like a laptop exterior or a remote control housing or car interior dashboard. This meeting gave birth to the Jigen project (meaning "dimension" in Japanese) soon after.

Following the release of cases for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5/5s, this third series is designed especially for the iPhone 6.

”All made in JAPAN”

One remarkable feature is the case’s D3 TEXTURE. The processes for tactile designs and the D3 textures, designed by K's Design Lab, are based on 3D scans of photos and natural materials such as cloth and leather. The textures are created using the base designs which are then repeated in a pattern and affixed onto the product base. The creation of such natural, realistic textures, as well as the production of complex cuts and shapes based on overlapping undulations -a relatively difficult task using existing techniques- has now been made possible using this new technology. This revolution has made it possible to create new and highly-original three-dimensional textures.

The materials created with D3 textures are actually made of plastic resin. However, their special shapes and random patterns –resembling those found in natural materials- look so realistic that by touching them, your fingers will believe that they are the real thing.

Ridge Texture

Stitch Texture

Quilt Texture

Crystal Texture

Unstoppable evolution of the Jigen Series

The Jigen Series has thus far focused primarily on the creation of these textures; however, from this series onward, Jigen features improved usability as well.

IC Card Pocket

The inside of the case features a card pocket that improves utility. This pocket allows you to store your contactless card so you can use it as a mobile wallet, one of the iPhone features rated as being relatively weak. If you go out with your iPhone and transport an IC card, such as Suica or PASMO (in Japan as examples), you will be able to use them in a variety of scenarios, including travel on trains and buses, or even to make purchases in convenience stores. In addition, you can also use it to store a wide variety of shopping cards such as Apple Pay or payWave.

Strap Hole

The bottom of the case features a strap hole to attach any wrist strap of your choice, to keep your iPhone safe while walking. If your iPhone were to slip from your hand, the strap would prevent it from falling.

Sturdy hard-to-break Material

The case is made with a new sturdy, wear-resistant material. It also provides excellent elasticity and flexibility, and is extremely difficult to break. It provides a maximized protection area by ensuring the case goes right up to the edges of the LCD screen, while remaining easy to both attach and remove, and preventing breakages which are so often seen with hard cases.

Transparent Material

The new (3rd generation) version has been designed with a slimmer profile than the previous series, and it is made with a transparent material that highlights all the contours of the textures and features.

Emi Yajima
3D Digital Sculptor
K’s design Lab. Inc.

The biggest challenge when designing this collaboration product was conforming to the curvature of the iPhone 6. Modeling the rounded curves of the iPhone 6 ended with test results showing a higher load placed on the sides of the case during removal, making it harder to detach compared to the iPhone 5/5s. Multiple modifications were made to this design data until the best results were obtained that balanced an easy to use functional product with stellar design aesthetics.

In addition, the new IC card pocket has cut the thickness of the case to 1/2 that of existing products. Although a greater thickness makes it easier to provide texture with undulating highs and lows, we’ve worked very hard to provide interesting texture while keeping the profile of the case as slim as possible. This has been achieved by a manual process of adding in scanned data of real wrinkles, and sometimes even drawing some additional wrinkles by hand, thus producing a realistic texture.

In order to take leading edge data designed with a D3 texture and convert it into a finished product, it was necessary to find a molding factory that could provide the same level of delicate and refined Japanese techniques. The manufacturer of the Jigen Series, Kashiyama-Kanagata Industry Corporation, specializes in highly-detailed machining processes. The company has used the latest equipment and their exceptional craftsmanship to successfully create deep three-dimensional textures that would not have been possible before on slim cases.





Hironori Yamaura
Technical Department
Kashiyama-Kanagata Industry Co., Ltd.

"I paid most attention adjusting the molding to show uneven surface effectively. In normal plastic surface production, there is not much unevenness, however, all the patterns for the Jigen series have a great elevation. During the machining elevated surface can stop its move and the data needs a micrometer adjustment to make sure machining can run smoothly all the way."

Kentaro Tsutsumi
Art Director
Desired Line Studio

Desired Line Studio is a long time partner of Simplism that specializes in advertising, package design, art direction and corporate identity design. The Jigen series has been an exciting project for me combining advanced technologies and our design.

「Desired Line Studio is a long time partner of Simplism that specializes in advertising, package design, art direction and corporate identity design. The Jigen series has been an exciting project for me combining advanced technologies and our design.

Ridge pattern is only non-scanned texture among three designs I challenged everything new. I designed geometric pattern based on hexagonal pattern which believe the finest machining technology of Kashiyama Kanagata Industry can be best-shown. You can see and feel their machining technology beautifully on an elevated surface.

Tetsushi Hoshikawa
Trinity, Inc.

Japan was previously regarded as the world’s premier country for manufacturing fine and advanced technology. Over the years, other countries such as China gained market share by offering lower costs, but not maintaining the level of quality. Though the volume of output from Japanese factories is not as great, the excellent skills and technology still can not be matched anywhere else in the world.

The Jigen series is a perfect example. With original molding data and machining technology, the products are difficult to copy, especially with the same fine detail and condition. The look, feel and quality of D3 TEXTURE and the advanced molding technology in the Jigen series is only available in Japan.

「"Ridge" - [Yoi] Black / [Hisui] Green / [Honmurasaki] Purple/p>

"Stitch" - [Kurocha] Brown / [Syu] Red / [Hekiryoku] Green

"Quilt" - [Zouge] White / [Sakura] Pink / [Tetsukon] Navy

"Crystal" [Mu] - Clear / [Kokuyouseki] Black / [Zakuro] Red

Brand Pictures

The Simplism brand pictures for iPhone 6 are available.

Jigen Series 3D Textured Case with Card Pocket for iPhone 6


  • What is the material?An easy to attach, special flexible material is used.
  • Is the case made in Japan? Yes. The cases, packaging and accessories are all made in Japan.

Model Number・UPC

  • [Yoi] Black

  • [Hisui] Green

  • [Honmurasaki] Purple

  • [Kurocha] Brown

  • [Syu] Red

  • [Hekiryoku] Green

  • [Zouge] White

  • [Sakura] Pink

  • [Tetsukon] Navy

  • [Mu] Clear

  • [Kokuyouseki] Black

  • [Zakuro] Red


  • [Yoi] Black

  • [Hisui] Green

  • [Honmurasaki] Purple

  • [Kurocha] Brown

  • [Syu] Red

  • [Hekiryoku] Green

  • [Zouge] White

  • [Sakura] Pink

  • [Tetsukon] Navy

  • [Mu] Clear

  • [Kokuyouseki] Black

  • [Zakuro] Red


    ・3D texture case ×1

関連情報 / Information


Color "Ridge"
[Yoi] Black / [Hisui] Green / [Honmurasaki] Purple

[Kurocha] Brown / [Syu] Red / [Hekiryoku] Green

[Zouge] White / [Sakura] Pink / [Tetsukon] Navy

[Mu] Clear / [Kokuyouseki] Black / [Zakuro] Red
Product Size 70 × 140 × 9.7mm
(W × H × D)
Product Weight Stitch : 19g
Quilt : 16g
Crystal : 17g
Ridge : 16g
Compatible for iPhone 6, 4.7inch *2014 model

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