A perfectly identical shape of an iPhone
A new concept – “stylize” your battery pack with an iPhone case

  • 5V USB battery pack
  • Exactly the same size as the iPhone 5/5s
  • Fits iPhone 5/5s cases
  • Surprisingly thin and light
  • 2500mAh battery can fully charge an iPhone
  • Provides the same high speed 1000mA output as the iPhone charger
  • Can charge various smartphones and portable devices
  • High quality LED light where you would find the iPhone 5/5s camera
  • 4-stage battery charge indicator
  • Fire resistant polycarbonate
  • Overcharge and short circuit protection
  • Automatic power-off to prevent overheating
  • Micro-USB conversion cable for high speed charging
  • Includes cable tie
  • Eco-friendly cable manager
  • Comes in white and black

Dress up your battery

Designed to follow the same shape and dimension of the iPhone, your Mobile Battery may be fitted with any iPhone compatible case.

***Some iPhone cases may cover the charging connector or LED light.

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With a weight of only 72g and a shape matching the iPhone, this battery allows continued/comfortable use of your device while charging.


The Ultra-thin battery provides high-speed charging with a 1,000mA output; overcurrent, overcharge and short-circuit protection; automatic power-off from overheating and a fire-resistant, polycarbonate shell construction.

The Ultra-thin battery has enough capacity to restore one nearly empty iPhone to a full level.

***The battery may not be able to charge a completely empty/flat iPhone back to 100% full level.

High speed USB – a Micro USB cable is included in the kit, which allows for charging of many smartphones and portable devices. A cable tie is also included.

LED to illuminate the darkness

By having to overlap the iPhone, it is equipped with a white LED that can illuminate the dark while charging.

Illuminate your way in the dark

The battery pack is equipped with a white LED that may be used as a flashlight while charging your device.

Eco-friendly package, eco-friendly cable manager

The package’s display hook doubles as an earphone cable manager. Remember to keep the hook when disposing of packaging.

Wind earphone cable around the cable manager and clip the cable to any of the corner notches to secure at preferred length. Enough room to wind the cable fully when not in use.


  • How do I keep the LED flashlight feature on? Press the button once to turn the LED flashlight on and press again to turn it off.

型番 / Model Number・JAN

  • Sanctuary4


  • Sanctuary4


Sanctuary4 Sanctuary4


Size 58.6 × 124 × 7.8mm(W × H × D)
Weight 72g
Compatible Product ・iPhone
・Smartphones with USB charging

※The battery is not compatible with all devices.
※If the charging current is greater than 1A, the product may not start due to the eddy-current protection in place. Please connect the product to an appropriately rated charger.

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