Self-stands both horizontally and vertically
Vertical flip case

  • Vertical flip case
  • Self-stands both horizontally and vertically
  • Can talk on the phone while it is closed
  • Full protection
  • Strap hole
  • 2 card holder
  • Warm look with natural material
  • Original leather like PU material
  • Cable manager to organize headphones
  • Hand strap

The comfort you feel the moment you hold it in your hand

Simplism [Flipper] Vertical Flip Case is encased in tone leather and defends the iPhone from scratches and dust.

Can be flipped open quickly with one hand. Ultimately designed for easy use.

The case is designed using natural materials giving your device a soft look. The PU leather combines with soft color schemed make you forget that it is housing a digital device.

The PU leather interior and exterior and carefully sewn into place giving the case the strength to absorb any kind of shock. The plastic frame encasing the iphone is made of ABS and protects the four corners of the  iPhone’s exterior.

Operability is not affected. Designed to securely protect

The case houses all buttons and ports (audio jack, volume control, silent switch, power button, charging port) and does not impede the camera lens. The case will not be noticed when in use.

The frame does not cover the home button or various sensors leaving users to access buttons even when the case is closed. Additionally the speaker holes are the bottom are not covered, leaving music clear sound to penetrate the case.

The camera remains unimpeded making it possible to use the camera when flipped open.

The plastic frame inside of the case firmly holds the phone in place when flipped open. Yet, it has been adjusted to allow you to easily access the various buttons and controls. It also acts as a protective barrier to the steel portions surrounding the iPhone.

Answer calls with the case closed

The outside of the case has holes to allow you to talk on the phone when the case is closed making it convenient to use.

The structure does not use a magnet so credit cards can be stored in peace

No magnets are used in the case. Cards with magnetic strips can be stored without being demagnetized. Electronic compasses and apps work without any glitches, giving you peace of mind.

Optimal stand mechanism for FaceTime

This case allows your phone to self-stand in the vertical position making it optimal when FaceTiming friends and family. There is no longer a need to hold the phone while chatting leaving you to enjoy a hands-free experience.

You can also rotate the case 90 degrees in a horizontal self-stand making it optimal when viewing videos.

Equipped with a card pocket

Equipped with a card pocket on the back of the case to further enhance the ease of use. Between the case and the back of the iphone, a space is provided to hold a non-contact IC type card. Stress free public transportation and smartpay capabilities are possible with this mobile wallet. Of course, you can also store business cards for the time of business.

※ IC ( contactless ) cards please use the inside card pocket. Puting the card on the slot in the back of the phone might interfere with the connection of the card. In order to prevent radio interference, a magnetic shielding sheet (sold separately) should be used when an IC card is stored in the back of the phone.

Different colors to suit a variety of styles

To match the color scheme of each case, the colors of the wood panel accents change shade depending on the color of the case. The chic color schemes have add a bit of luxury than can easily match your sense of fashion and style.

A hand strap is included

A hand strap with matching fabric is included. When using the large iPhone, the  larger strap (120mm) making operating the screen tremendously easier. In addition, it adds added security in case your phone accidentally slips out of your hand.

The strap holes are larger, making it easier to attach the strap.. It is also possible to use any other store bought strap with this phone.

Simplism’s original premium skin material

In pursuing quality texture and colors, we adopted our Premium Skin material which is made from our patented PU (polyurethane) fabric.

General PU material that is sold on the market today lacks individuality. Mass production leads to common colors and textures and manufacturers can’t seem to distinguish their materials from other mass produced material on the market.

Simplism’s Premium Skin is completely original. There are no other products on the market that uses the same materials that are adopted in Simplism’s products.

The best feature of the Premium Skin is in its texture. By repeating the staining process, it enhances the depth of color and look due to the grain of the texture. As a result, exquisite shades of color and detailed grain are engraved in every product. In addition to its appearance, our PU material is durable and has a higher tolerance to scuffing and scratches. The soft pleasant textured material is perfect for smartphone cases that are handled everyday.

A new style of packaging; a reusable cable manager included

The package hook is no ordinary hook, it also doubles as a removable cable manager. Even after removing the contents of the package, please remove this hook and re-use without discarding it.

Your headphones are wound up tight and are fastened to the hooks at each corner. Unravel for the desired length when using your headphones. This cable manager removes the hassle of tangled headphones when in your bag or pocket.


  • Is the material real leather? No, our original high-quality PU leather material was adopted in our Premium Skin.
  • What are the natural materials used on the case? We are using real bamboo accents.
  • Can a card with a magnetic strip be placed in the case? Since this case does not use a magnet, a card with a magnetic strip can be stored and does not have any impact on the iPhone compass.

型番・JAN / Model Number・JAN

  • Black

  • Green

  • Blue

  • Red

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  • ・Case
    ・Hand strap
    ・Cable manager


color Black
Size 70 × 142 × 15mm(W × H × D)
Weight 60g
Package Size 110 × 172 × 20mm(W × H × D)
Package Weight 111g
Compatible Product iPhone 6s (4.7inch * 2015 Model)
iPhone 6 (4.7inch * 2014 Model)

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