Self-standing 4 card holder case
Flip case just like the note

  • Horizontal flip note case
  • Self-standing case when cover is flipped over
  • Full protection
  • Can talk on the phone while it is closed
  • Easily opened to the right, maintaining access to all buttons
  • No-use of magnet, incoherent to magnetic cards
  • Warm look with natural material
  • Strap hole
  • 4 card slots
  • Cable manager that organizes headphones
  • Hand strap
  • Original leather like PU material

The stylish iPhone as notebook

Simplism [FlipNote] Flip Note Case for iPhone ( flip notebook case) , defend firmly the iPhone from scratches and dust , it is a lateral opening of the flip- style case . gently wrap as book cover stylish appearance of the iPhone.

Natural taste full of flip leather style is decorated with flip ( lid ) as soft grain features an impressive natural wood . PU leather and fabric that has been subjected to color ring of stylish color scheme are combined , it is enough forget that it is a case of the latest digital device called iPhone.

Operability does not change , design to securely cover

All of the buttons even when the case housing , connector possible ( audio jack , volume control button , sleep / wake button , Lightning connector ) use of , does not change when and feel you are not wearing the case . Because it is apart of course also the bottom of the speaker hole , music playback is also possible at the leave the case.

Plastic frame inside the case that opened the flip to firmly grasp as not to dropping the iPhone, and yet , have been adjusted to easily hold reasonable sense of take-out . also it is also serves as protection of the steel portion around iPhone.

This product does not use a button or velcro , it is designed to lock by using the frame to keep the iPhone. As a result there is no possibility to cover the display and provides the same feeling as when the case of non-use and you open the flip . The case back of the camera hole , it is possible as it is the camera / video shooting to open the flip and leave the iPhone.

At the time of phone use flip is folded back on the back , making it difficult to get in the way.

Call remains closed

The flip part of this product , has been drilled holes to match the speaker position of the iPhone, it is also possible call while closing the lid . This is convenient when you do not want to put a face on the touch display that is touched with a finger.

A structure that does not use a magnet , credit card can be stored in peace

So that the magnetic card to accommodate is not Shimawa affected , it does not use a magnet to the case . Also does not affect the operation of the electronic compass of radio waves and apps , you can use with peace of mind.

Structure easy to right to open access to the various switches

All Simplism flip type case for the iPhone, has become a open from left to right "right opening " . General book , the body of the vertical writing opens vertical writing If right , the body , but is the basic opening left horizontal writing is , for example, because such as notebook left opening , you might feel a little uncomfortable.

However , there is a good volume button on the left side toward you and you'll look and silent switch the iPhone. In the case of flip type of case , since very hard to operate when there is a switch on the side you have the binding , it 's going to make you care to be able to operate immediately even in the state that closed the lid.

For sleep switch , because you do not want to use when you are closing the lid , because it does not have to be used in the closed state of the lid , there is no problem at all in the right opening.

Equipped with four card holder

Card holder has three on the inside of the lid , further large holder one in the back , and is equipped with a card holder of a total of four locations . If housing the non-contact type card here , you can use as your wallet mobile phone listed as iPhone of weakness . Of course , there will also be kept to sneak the essential business card in business.

The hand strap is included

The hand strap to match the fabric of the case I comes . In view of the usability of a large iPhone, than typical strap was larger loop ( loop inside dimension 120mm). Easy screen operation of the remains through the wrist is , I firmly prevents the iPhone from any chance of falling.

Strap attached to the plastic case hole slightly from string straps and open a larger hole , making it easier through the strap . It is also possible to use a commercially available strap.

The optimal stand mechanism to video viewing

Horizontal stand suitable for such as video viewing in the beautiful screen of the iPhone, the optimum vertical stand in the message app, such as LINE and SNS, comes with a two-way stand mechanism which can be chosen.
Since the cut in easily stand only in the return of the lid , switch the aspect depending on the application you want to use.
Conventional, by attaching the stand mechanism, or increase the thickness and weight, but looks could have become a sacrifice, as much as possible to reduce the impact of putting a stand mechanism, with no typical notebook style stand mechanism case equivalent thickness as, we realized the weight. Also it is also combines functionality with simple.

Variations which can be chosen to suit a variety of styles

To match the case of color, color scheme of the wood parts also change the shade. Carefully selected colors of luxury feeling, none easy to fit into fashion, it can carry stylish.

Simplism original premium skin material

You are using for this product Premium Skin ( premium skin ) ™ was pursuing the texture and color , Simplism own PU ( polyurethane ) fabric is a material.

General PU material that is sold in the market, increase the versatility to widely sold, they tend to be common color and texture. Because it is sold in mass production, there are many that the purchase source resulting in floating around the product of the same fabric material in the manufacturer's different if it is the same.

For Premium Skin of Simplism is completely original, the product does not exist using the same material in a non- Simplism product.

The best feature of the Premium Skin is its texture. By repeating the staining, color shade depth and nature due to the grain ( unevenness) feeling, to express the absence of exquisite shades other. Not only appearance, it has a high strength as compared to the general PU material to rubbing and scratches. Soft, moist and the touch, it is the best material for smartphone cases that touch every day.

Package of new shape, cable manager that you can use is removed

Package top hook is not a hook to lower the package just the shop is made so that it can be reused as a cable management to summarize the earphone cable. Even after removal of the contents of the product from the package, please use remove without discard.

How to use it, by winding the cable round and round, only stop so as to hook into the recess of the corner. While using the earphones, you can adjust the cable to the desired length, it can be summarized in the compact so that it does not get tangled when not in use.


  • It is this leather? No. Our original high -quality PU leather , it has adopted the Premium Skin.
  • What is the natural materials. We are using bamboo to cover as an accent.
  • Do card magnetic card also placed a bank card. Okay. Since it does not use a magnet, you can put a magnetic card. It does not have any impact on the iPhone compass.

Model Number / UPC

  • Black

  • Brown

  • Blue

  • Green

  • Orange

  • Cream

  • Red



  • ・Case
    ・Cable manager
    ・Hand strap


Color Black
Size 83.5 × 163 × 19.5mm(W × H × D)
Weight 80g
Package Size 125 × 191 × 22mm(W × H × D)
Package Weight 135g
Compatible Product iPhone 6s Plus (5.5inch * 2015 Model)
iPhone 6 Plus (5.5inch * 2014 Model)

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