Big pocket and card pocket
Two tones horizontal flip case

  • Able open and close easily with magnetic attachment
  • Can talk on the phone while it is closed
  • Self-standing feature best for watching videos
  • Full protection
  • Big pocket and card pocket
  • Strap Hole
  • Cable manager for headphones

Cover The iPhone Like A Stylish Notebook

ajouter by Simplism [FlipNote] Flip Note Case for iPhone (Flip Note Case) is a magnet type flip case that can store tickets in the big pocket and card slots. It defends the iPhone from scratches and dust. This horizontal opening flip style case immerses the iPhone like a book with a stylish appearance.

Two-tone design with 2 different materials.

About “ajouter”

ajouter by Simplism (ajouter means “to add” in French) is a special collection for women. These gorgeous cases trend with the basic concept of Simplsm, giving users affordable, high-quality and convenient products.

Compatible with

iPhone 7 Plus/6s Plus/6 Plus (5.5 inches)

Shiny Mint | Pink | Black
Shiny Pink | Marine Boarder | Colorful Dot

Sparkling Shiny Material

Shiny glossy material with fine glitters is used for this case. The colors are unique such as Cute Pink x Pink or Cool Gold x Black.

Fabric Pattern

You can choose the fabric patterns according to the seasons or your fashion. One would fit your casual lifestyle and the other would march the office style.

Firmly Protected with Tremendous Operability

When closed, all the buttons (volume, silent, sleep/wake) and connectors (audio jack, charging port) are easily accessible; making it comfortable when in use. With speaker holes etched into the surface of the case, the emitted sound is not disturbed by the durable case.

The plastic frame inside of the case firmly holds the iPhone in place without the fear of it slipping out. While adding protection to the steel frame of the iPhone, it is easily removable when needed.

Able To Talk While It’s Closed

Speaker holes on the flip cover allow you to talk with the case closed. It is also good when you don’t want to touch your face to the screen that you always touch with your fingers.

Card Slots

The flip note case comes with card slots to tuck away card-size items such as business cards while having your iPhone. If you stored the contactless IC card, you can use iPhone as a wallet smartphone.

Strap Hole

There are strap holes at the both side of the case. The holes are slightly bigger than the general strap string, so it is easy to put into the holes. You can use non-Simplism strap as well.

Designed to have your iPhone stand up

The case is designed to self-stand your iPhone so you can enjoy viewing your favorite movies hands-free. The innovative design enables the case to not be bulky but remains its svelte look and the ability to hold the phone to stand still.

New Concept for the Packaging, Partially Can Be Userd as a Cable Manager

The hook part at the top of the package is not just for hanging the products at shops, but also designed as a cable manager to organize earphones. Please do not dispose it after taking out product from the package.

To use this cable manager, just twist the cable around it and stabilize the end with the dent at the coner. You can use it to adjust the length while you use it or to store the earphone cable while you do not use it.


  • Is the material real leather? No, it is a PU leather.
  • Can I put a cash card or credit card? No, since the magnet is used for this case, those magnetic cards will be negatively affected.
  • Can I use it for iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus? Yes, you can.

Model Number / UPC

  • Shiny Mint

  • Pink

  • Black

  • Shiny Pink

  • Marine Border

  • Colorful Dot


  • ・Case
    ・Cable manager


iPhone 5.5inch
Color Shiny Mint
Shiny Pink
Marine Border
Colorful Dot
Size 84.5 × 163.4 × 16.50mm(W × H × D)
Weight 86g
Package Size 125 × 204 × 20mm(W × H × D)
Package Weight 97g
Compatible Product iPhone 5.5inch *2016 Model
iPhone 6s Plus *2015 Model
iPhone 6 Plus *2014 Model

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