Indestructible edge
Composite materials: tempered glass and PET frame covers the entire screen
Closes off other people’s gaze from the sides

  • Indestructible edge
  • Composite materials: tempered glass and PET frame
  • Protects till the edge
  • Closes off other people’s gaze from sides
  • 9H tempered glass protects screen from scratches
  • Hard to detect smudges, anti-fingerprint finish
  • Bubble-less
  • Film will not shatter in the event it is broken
  • Quality film material made in Japan (Asahi Glass)
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth, Dust-removing tape
  • “Magical Tool V3” for easy film application and for organizing the earphone cable

The Most Ultimate Glass Protector

[FLEX 3D] Privacy 3D Frame Glass for iPhone Anti-glare (Privacy Film 3D frame glass) is an indestructible crystal clear tempered glass screen protector providing full coverage up the edges of the screen and is composed of PET and glass.

Although tempered glass is normally used as protection against scratches from blunt force on the face of the screen, the glass remains vulnerable to cracks when dropped directly on the corners.

This product has two different materials: tempered glass which is smooth to the touch and scratch resistant, and PET which is thin and flexible.

It comes in both black and white colors to match the iPhone display and fits as if there is no film on it. With curved edges that cover the entire screen, you can use with confidence knowing the entire screen is protected.

Since no glue is used, no residue will remain on the device after removal.

Compatible devices

iPhone 7 Plus (5.5 inches)

White | Black

Block Sneak Peek

It blocks sneak peek views from left and right side even in crowded area such as in the train or restaurant. You no longer need to worry about other people looking at your iPhone screen.

Fluorine coating

Conventional crystal clear films do not prevent fingerprints and can make the screen dirty after a long time of using the touch panel. This is because the hard coating layer of the film adheres to the grease on your fingers. Once it has fingerprints, you’ll needed to scrub hard with a microfiber cloth to wipe them all off.

To solve this problem, this product has a fluorine coating. The surface provides a smooth gliding touch. As the surface gets dirty, a simple wipe with a clean cloth will remove all dirt and smudges from the surface.

*Anti-fingerprint does not mean that it prevents fingerprints completely.

As if there’s no film

By press-molding the frame of the thin PET film, it will fit the curved-edge of iPhone display perfectly and protects the edge of the screen. It comes in black or white to matches the iPhone display and fits as if there is no film on it.

Conventional Film (the edge is floating)
Simplism product (overs till the edge)

Surface Hardness (9H)

The hardness of its surface is 9H level which is more than four times than the typical films. It has a strong resistance against scratches, even cuter cannot leave scratches.

*The frame part is not glass but PET, it does not have 9H hardness.

Made in Japan Glass

Soda lime glass made by Asahi Glass Co. Ltd., which is very famous for strong tempered glass was used, will satisfy users with its high hardness and high-quality.


The most difficult part of applying protection film on the screen is not to have bubbles caused by small dust between display and film. Even small dust makes bubbles making it hard to remove even if trying strongly squeeze it out. There must be many people gave up applying films because of this problem.

Simplism “Bubble-less series” films do not cause bubbles by absorbing micro dust with the specially processed silicone adherence part in-between film and display.

"Bubble-less Film" is a registered trademark of Trinity, Inc.
*If there is a large duct between the film and screen, it would cause bubbles. Please remove dust before applying the film. The film can absorb micro dust.
*The dust won't come through the film. You still could see them in on the screen even if there are no bubbles.

”Magical Tool V3”

“Magical Tool V3” makes aligning the protector film dramatically easier. Attach the film like magic by inserting the tool into the micro-USB (Lightning) port for easy alignment. The multi-use "Magical Tool V3" can be used as a cable manager for headphones as well.

Supportive Items

The supportive items were included to help users apply the film easily. Remove the fingerprints or dirtiness on the screen with microfiber cleaning cloth, and remove the dust completely with dust-removing tape.

- Microfiber Cleaning cloth

You can quickly wipe off fingerprints and smudges without scraping the screen with micro fibers.

- Dust-removing tape

Dust-removing tape is in a large size of 90 x 50 mm. You can paste 2 times on the iPhone just dust the whole screen except for corner.


  • How do I apply the display protector accurately? Dust adhered in between the film and display surface can make it difficult to remove bubbles. To reduce any complications, use the Micro-Fiber cloth to remove smudges and fingerprints and the dust-up tape to remove any lingering dust particles. Please clean your display screen in a dust-free environment; the restroom having the least amount of dust particles is a myth. Try using the Magical Tool V3 for a quick and easy application.
  • Can I use it for iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus? No, you cannot. Please use [FLEX 3D] 3D Frame Glass Protector for iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus.

Model Number / UPC

  • [FLEX 3D] Privacy 3D Frame Glass for iPhone 7 Plus Black


  • [FLEX 3D] Privacy 3D Frame Glass for iPhone 7 Plus White



  • ・Tempered frame glass protector
    ・Microfiber Cleaning cloth
    ・Dust-removing tape
    ・Magical Tool V3


Color Black
Size 74 × 154.03 × 0.25mm(W × H × D)
Weight 8.4g
Package Size 98 × 216 × 11mm(W × H × D)
Package Weight 48g
Compatible Product iPhone 5.5inch *2016 Model

※You cannot use it for iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus.

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