Covers the curved screen to the edges
Able to protect the entire screen
Blue light reduction and Crystal Clear

  • Protects and fits the entire surface of the iPhone by aligning it with the edges
  • Blue light reduction film reduces blue light exposure by up to 91%
  • Made from the newest film material; the display won't tint yellow or black
  • Glossy finish
  • Passed our durability test having 65g iron ball dropped from 70cm above the glass film
  • Round edge coating to cover to the edge
  • Special silicone layer for bubble-less easy application
  • Hard to detect smudges, anti-fingerprint finish
  • Film will not shatter in the event it is broken
  • Quality film material made in Japan (Asahi Glass)
  • This film is 4 times stronger (9H) than traditional films
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth, Dust-removing tape

Protect the iPhone from scratches

Blue Light Reduction Frame Glass Protector for iPhone 6s Plus Crystal Clear (blue light lower frame glass) is a reinforced glass protector full coverage types keep up the edges of the screen. Cutdown the blue light emitted from iPhone LED display and reduce the fatigue of eyes.

iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus since iPhone is curved edge. Also paste to the surface in normal film would pull end. You can use with confidence, to protect the entire product is covered until the edges are curved.

--General films (state of floating the edges)
-This product (state covering up to the end)

Color is black and white two colors. has become the frame design matching the iPhone's glass surface.

Protect important display protector keeps beauty intact is the experience of the iPhone. Not for self adsorption type do not use glue, self-adhesive glue may remain.

Bright colours, shiny specs

In contrast to keep shiny (crystal clear) specifications, color looks crisp and bright. Highly transparent, fails to screen the original beauty.

Super anti-fingerprint processing

General anti-fingerprint processing than anti-fingerprint effect, is very smooth finger sliding. In addition to anti-fingerprint effect is long-lasting.

Surface hardness (9 H)

Surface hardness is 9 H (pencil hardness) in the level, especially have a strong resistance against scratches, even if cutter also hurt it more than four times a typical film.

Clear the durability test

65 g steel ball dropped from a height of 70 cm perpendicular to the endurance test was clear.
* Fluctuates depending on the test conditions.

Very nice blue light reduction

Blue light, near ultraviolet light emitted by the LED display-380-495 nm (blue light) has a strong energy on the retina, which causes eyestrain, lack of sleep and concentration of recent studies continue and face the long and pointed.

This product is 450 nm cut near the blue light component up to 91%. reduces eye fatigue and use the iPhone for a long time even and free from stress.

Also in order to reduce the blue light in the traditional blue light reduction film yellow film was the mainstream, but had gone yellow also display images. Latest no yellow material used, display image color change most to be minimized without discomfort for your. Also occur in addition to yellow and "blackness" is infinitely transparent near the film.
* Blue light reduction effects are individual environment or how to feel.


Hardest for pasting display protection film is, will prevent air bubbles occur, between the display and the film into dust. Not trying to just get a little dust and bubbles, pushes this to remove. There were many people this bubble caused by giving protection film affixed.

Without causing air bubbles can get involved if Simplism Series bubble film is by applying special processing on Silicon surfaces between the film and the display, fine dust, that has enabled.
* In the case of large dust bubbles can be done. Basically dust film affixed prior to discharge. Absorb dust still went on the film side.
* Not a structure through the dust. Depending on the size of the dust vision with visibility may be.

Paste to help support items

Anyone can easily support items has been included. Ago applying material Micro-Fiber cleaning cloth removes smudges from fingerprints on the display completely eliminated use dust cleaner tape and bubble using the attached supplementary card push.

- Microfiber Cleaning cloth

Improved ease of wiping and cleaning cloth is compared with our cross so far. You can quickly wipe off fingerprints and smudges without screen scraping.

- Dust-removing tape

Dust-removing tapes 90 x was in large size of 50 mm. You can paste 2 times on the iPhone just dust the whole screen except for corner.


  • I am debating between the Glossy or Anti-reflective? When viewing videos and photos in vivid colors, most people lean towards the glossy type film which does not interfere with the contrast. When using your device for gaming or e-mailing, the anti-reflective film with free-flowing touch is the most favorable. Before purchasing, it is recommended that you decide which function of your phone is the most important. If you are still unsure, please contact us before purchasing.
  • How do I apply the film accurately? Dust adhered in between the film and display surface can make it difficult to remove bubbles. To reduce any complications, use the Micro-Fiber cloth to remove smudges and fingerprints and the dust-up tape to remove any lingering dust particles. Please clean your display screen in a dust-free environment; the restroom having the least amount of dust particles is a myth.
  • Is it compatible with “3D Touch” which was a newly added feature in iPhone 6s/6s Plus? Yes, it will work.

Model Number / UPC

  • Blue Light Reduction Frame Glass Protector for iPhone 6s Plus Crystal Clear Black

    Blue Light Reduction Frame Glass Protector for iPhone 6s Plus Crystal Clear Black

  • Blue Light Reduction Frame Glass Protector for iPhone 6s Plus Crystal Clear White

    Blue Light Reduction Frame Glass Protector for iPhone 6s Plus Crystal Clear White

Frame Film for iPhone 6 Plus Frame Film for iPhone 6 Plus


  • Frame Glass Protector for iPhone 6 Plus Crystal Clear

    ・Tempered frame glass protector
    ・Cleaning cloth
    ・Dust-removing tape

  • Frame Glass Protector for iPhone 6 Plus Crystal Clear

    ・Tempered frame glass protector
    ・Cleaning cloth
    ・Dust-removing tape


color Black
Size 70.4 × 150.2 × 0.49mm(W × H × D)
Weight 13g
Package Size 98 × 226 × 11mm(W × H × D)
Package Weight 55g
Compatible Product iPhone 6s Plus (5.5inch * 2015 Model)
iPhone 6 Plus (5.5inch * 2014 Model)

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