Covers the curved screen to the edge
Able to protect the entire screen
Crystal clear

  • Covers the entire screen
  • Fits to the edge
  • Covers the curved screen to the edge
  • Crystal-Clear film
  • Special silicone layer for bubble-less easy application
  • No need to use glue, it is re-attachable
  • “Targeting Tabs”  for easy film application
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth, Dust-removing tape, Squeegee card

Protect the iPhone from scratches

Frame Film for iPhone 6s Crystal Clear (gloss frame film) is the full cover protector film protect the edges of the screen.

The iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus was artfully designed with curved edges; leaving traditional films failing to protect the entire screen. This film was designed to immerse the entire screen to the curved edges providing full protection.

General film (Floating Edge)
This product (covers to the edge)

Offered in both black and white, it blends in with the iPhone’s glass surface.

Keeping the iPhone experience alive, this film protects the beautiful specs of the display screen. Instead of glue, a self-adhesive material is used without leaving any residue after removal.

Bright colors, vibrant specs

This high transparent Crystal Clear film does not interfere with your screens contrast and original beauty, leaving displayed colors crisp and vibrant.



The most difficult part of applying a protective film are the dust and air bubbles trapped in between the screen and film. This film will remove any air bubbles and dust by simply pressing down on them.

Simplism Bubbleless Series Film is engineered with a special silicon material between the film and the display that does not allow bubbles caused by dust particles.
If dust particles appear, dust particles were absorbed by the screen prior to application. Depending on the size of the dust particle, vision may be obscured.

3 bonus products included

All included items are user friendly. The Micro-Fiber cloth removes smudges and fingerprints left on the display screen. For a complete clean, use the dust removal tape after using the Micro-Fiber cloth. To remove bubbles use the supplementary card to push out the bubbles.

With the large 90 x 55mm Dust removing tape, you can easily remove dust applying it to your entire screen twice.

Miracle seal easy application

Easily align the film with the screen with the “Miracle Seal” locating tabs locating tabs. Align the top and bottom of the film with your screen before applying.



  • I am debating between the Glossy or Anti-reflective? When viewing videos and photos in vivid colors, most people lean towards the glossy type film which does not interfere with the contrast. When using your device for gaming or e-mailing, the anti-reflective film with free-flowing touch is the most favorable. Before purchasing, it is recommended that you decide which function of your phone is the most important. If you are still unsure, please contact us before purchasing.
  • How do I apply the film accurately? Dust adhered in between the film and display surface can make it difficult to remove bubbles. To reduce any complications, use the Micro-Fiber cloth to remove smudges and fingerprints and the dust-up tape to remove any lingering dust particles. Please clean your display screen in a dust-free environment; the restroom having the least amount of dust particles is a myth. Try using the Miracle Seal locating tabs for a quick and easy application.
  • Is it possible to remove the film once applied? If removed without any folds or creases, the film can be re-applied.

Model Number / UPC

  • Frame Film iPhone 6s model Crystal Clear Black

    Frame Film for iPhone 6s model Crystal Clear Black

  • Frame Film for iPhone 6s model Crystal Clear White

    Frame Film for iPhone 6s model Crystal Clear White

Frame Film for iPhone 6 Plus Frame Film for iPhone 6 Plus


  • Frame Film for iPhone 6s model Crystal Clear Black

    ・Frame film
    ・Cleaning cloth
    ・Squeegee card
    ・Dust-removing tape

  • Frame Film for iPhone 6s model Crystal Clear White

    ・Frame film
    ・Cleaning cloth
    ・Squeegee card
    ・Dust-removing tape


color Black
Size 62.5 × 133.6 × 0.21mm(W × H × D)
Weight 4g
Package Size 85 × 182 × 11mm(W × H × D)
Package Weight 37g
Compatible Product iPhone 6s (4.7inch * 2015 Model)
iPhone 6 (4.7inch * 2014 Model)

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