Rib Shock Absorbing System “AIR” (Advanced Impact Rib)
Urban style shock absorbing case

  • The bumpers on the 4 corners and the Advanced Impact Rib “AIR” System inside of the case absorbs shock
  • Special material made by Japanese manufacturer Kuraray is used
  • Anti-magnetic sheet
  • IC Card holder
  • Strap Hole
  • Cable manager for headphones

Protect iPhone from Shock

[Fablex] Shock Absorbing Fabric Case for iPhone(Fablex / Shock-absorbing fabric case) protects your iPhone by absorbing shock with it’s 4-corner bumpers and the internal rib system. It has card pocket inside of the case and an anti-magnetic sheet is included.

Compatible devices

iPhone 7 (4.7 inches)

Melange Gray | Tweed | Washed Denim | Black Camouflage
Jet Black | White | Yellow | Red

Shock-absorbing Case with Good Design and Function

General shock-absorbing case have sharp corners or unique designs that many people may not use in everyday life. However, this case keeps the svelte design of iPhone itself while protecting the device by absorbing shock. This is the perfect case who have longing for simpler shock absorbing case.

Clarino from Japanese manufacture Kuraray

Clarino™ is a light and durable artificial leather which is easy to take care of. The water-resistant urethane resin is used for its surface, so you can keep it clean by just softly wiping it, even if it gets wet.

Scanned the real material and processed the high-definition printing of the data on Clarino from Kuraray. With this technique, we achieved a thin and durable pressure bonding process which is impossible to do with other fabrics. It has a real fabric like appearance and texture, while keeping the light and flexible characteristics of Clarino.

Clarino® is registered trademark of KURARAY Co. Ltd.

Card Pocket and Anti-Magnetic Sheet

There is a card pocket inside of the case to enhance the convenience. It can be used as a wallet if you store the IC card in this pocket. It will be very convenient since you would be able to use it for transportation such as train or bus, for shopping at convenience stores or other shops.

Strap Hole

There are strap holes at the right bottom of the case. The holes are slightly bigger than the general strap string, so it is easy to put into the holes. You can use non-Simplism strap as well.

New Concept for the Packaging, Partially Can Be Userd as a Cable Manager

The hook part at the top of the package is not just for hanging the products at shops, but also designed as a cable manager to organize earphones. Please do not dispose it after taking out product from the package.

The yellow one will come with this product.

Your headphones are wound up tight and are fastened to the hooks at each corner. Unravel for the desired length when using your headphones. This cable manager removes the hassle of tangled headphones when in your bag or pocket.


  • Can we use this case with the film? Yes, you can use this case with any Simplism films. Adding a film will increase the protection.
  • Will the color fade? Over time the color, look and feel may change from use and exposure. When it gets wet, please dry it as soon as possible and keep it away from other goods.
  • How should I take care of it? Wipe the dirt on the surface with soft wet fabric.

Model Number / UPC

  • [Fablex] Shock Absorbing Fabric Case for 2016 iPhone 4.7-inch

    Washed Denim

  • [Fablex] Shock Absorbing Fabric Case for 2016 iPhone 4.7-inch

    Black Camouflage

  • [Fablex] Shock Absorbing Fabric Case for 2016 iPhone 4.7-inch


  • [Fablex] Shock Absorbing Fabric Case for 2016 iPhone 4.7-inch

    Melange Gray


  • ・Case
    ・Anti-magnetic sheet
    ・Cable manager


Color Washed Denim
Black Camouflage
Melange Gray
Size 72.2 × 142 × 10.3mm(W × H × D)
Weight 23g
Package Size 110.5 × 184.3 × 20mm(W × H × D)
Package Weight 63g
Compatible Product iPhone 4.7inch *2016 Model

※You cannot use it for iPhone 6s /6.

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