Sophisticated two tone color variations
Slide-out type card case

  • Hard case protects iPhone
  • Protects volume and power buttons
  • Sophisticated two tone colors
  • 2 cards are storable in the back
  • Easy to take out cards with slide-out backside
  • Durable polycarbonate material
  • Strap hole
  • Cable manager that organizes headphones
  • Anti-magnetic sheet prevents radio wave interference
  • Hand strap

Backpack case that piggybacks cards

Simplism [BackPack] Double Card Case can hold two cards in the back of the case.

At the touch of a button the back slides open, allowing the you to store two cards.

The card slot is designed to organize each card for easy access. Each card is in a separate slot allowing you to quickly access any card when you need it.

When at an atm or register, quickly access the card needed by sliding open the back of your phone.

Additionally, the case is equipped to hold business cards if one of the card slots is not housing a card. When cards do not need to be accessed, simply slide the back shut to hide your cards.

In order to increase the grip on the back of the phone, a tactile design and uneven texture was adopted. Additionally, by adding a “click” was added to enforce the opening and closing sensation.

Operability is not affected. Designed to securely protect

The case houses all buttons and ports (audio jack, volume control, silent switch, power button, charging port) and does not impede the camera lens. The case will not be noticed when in use.

Includes a magnetic shielding sheet for IC cards

This product is designed to prevent information theft of non-contact IC cards, such as SUICA and PASMO.

A magnetic shielding sheet is supplied with the case to protect against identity theft. Between the case and the back of the iphone, a space is provided to apply the magnetic shielding sheet.

Stress free public transportation  and smart-pay capabilities are possible with this mobile wallet.

A structure that does not use a magnet. Credit cards can be stored in peace.

No magnets are used in the case. Cards with magnetic strips can be stored without being demagnetized. Electronic compasses and apps work without any glitches, giving you peace of mind.

A hand strap is included

This product includes a matching silicone hand strap.

The easy to operate strap firmly attaches to the user's wrists to minimize the accidental drop of your iPhone.

It is also possible to use any other store bought strap with this phone.

Choose from a four color selection

The main case and the sliding back lid are two separate colors.

Mix and match from four different colors to suit your style.

A new style of packaging; a reusable cable manager included

The package hook is no ordinary hook, it also doubles as a removable cable manager. Even after removing the contents of the package, please remove this hook and re-use without discarding it.

Your headphones are wound up tight and are fastened to the hooks at each corner. Unravel for the desired length when using your headphones. This cable manager removes the hassle of tangles headphones when in your bag or pocket.


  • How do you remove the case from the iPhone? If you have difficulty removing the case, simply remove the corner next to the volume control buttons and pull from the sliding back lid until your phone pops out.
  • Can anything else be stored besides a card? Yes, the card slot if 3.2mm thick and will accommodate anything within the width of 51mm and the length of about 95mm.

Model Number / UPC

  • Black

  • White

  • Khaki

  • Navy



  • ・Case
    ・Cable manager
    ・Hand strap
    ・Anti-magnetic sheet


Color Black
Size 70 × 140 × 14 mm(W × H × D)
Weight 36g
Package Size 110 × 172 × 20 mm(W × H × D)
Package Weight 80g
Compatible Product iPhone 6s (4.7inch * 2015 Model)
iPhone 6 (4.7inch * 2014 Model)

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