Thin and light case
Anti-scratch and anti-bacteria coating keep it clean

  • 0.6mm thin
  • Minimal design but protects around the buttons
  • 3H hard surface, Anti-scratch special resin was used
  • Easy snap-on back-case style
  • Cable manager for headphones

Ultra Thin 0.7mm

[Airly} Ultra Tin Hard Case for iPhone (Airly / Ultra Thin Hard Case) is super thin as if there is no case.

It is an easy snap-on type case. The simplest structure will keep the thin and beautiful design of iPhone.

Compatible devices

iPhone 7 Plus (5.5 inches)

Clear | Clear Black

Unbreakable and Thin, New Material

Because of the made in Japan special resin, it is more flexible and unbreakable compared to conventional highly transparent hard cases made by polycarbonate. Furthermore, the hardness of case surface is 3H so that it is scratch resistant.

Simplism Airy | General PC Material

It might be deformed if you bend it too hard. Please do not bend the case except when you put the case on the device.

Operability does not change. Design to be firmly protected.

The case houses all buttons and ports (audio jack, volume control, silent switch, power button, charging port) and does not impede the camera lens. The case will not be noticed when in use.

This product achieved the ultimate thinness while keeping the high duability. Also, it can be firly gripped and comfortably used by keeping the slim shape of iPhone.

New Concept for the Packaging, Partially Can Be Userd as a Cable Manager

The hook part at the top of the package is not just for hanging the products at shops, but also designed as a cable manager to organize earphones. Please do not dispose it after taking out product from the package.

The orange one will come with this product.

To use this cable manager, just twist the cable around it and stabilize the end with the dent at the coner. You can use it to adjust the length while you use it or to store the earphone cable while you do not use it.


  • Is a film protector included in this product? No, it doesn’t. You can use a SImplism film with this case.
  • Can I use it for iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus? Yes, you can.

Model Number / UPC

  • [Airly] Super Ultra Thin Hard Case for iPhone 7 Plus Clear


  • [Airly] Super Ultra Thin Hard Case for iPhone 7 Plus Clear Black

    Clear Black


  • ・Case
    ・Cable manager


Color Clear
Clear Black
Size 80.3 × 159.2 × 8.80mm(W × H × D)
Weight 15g
Package Size 126 × 192 × 20mm(W × H × D)
Package Weight 60g
Compatible Product iPhone 5.5inch *2016 Model
iPhone 6s Plus *2015 Model
iPhone 6 Plus *2014 Model

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