Blue light protected for reduced eye fatigue
Anti-glare film that diffusing light to suppress film

  • Reduces the emitted blue light from the LED display
  • Special silicone layer for bubble-less and easy application
  • Smooth to use
  • Anti-glare, Matte film
  • Hard to detect smudges - anti-fingerprint finish
  • “Magical Tool V3”  for easy film application
  • Crystal clear and invisible film
  • Non-adhesive film that can be reapplied
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth, Dust-removing tape, Squeegee card
  • Quality film material made in Japan

Model Number / UPC

  • Blue Light Reduction Film for iPad mini 4 Anti-glare


  • ・Film
    ・Cleaning cloth
    ・Squeegee card
    ・Dust-removing tape
    ・Magical Tool V3


Type Anti-glare
Size 131.3 × 199.7 × 0.18mm(W × H × D)
Weight 12g
Package Size 162 × 234 × 2mm(W × H × D)
Package Weight 40g
Compatible Product ・iPad mini 4 (* 2015 Model)

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