Easy to apply
Smooth film

  • Bubble-less Film for iPad Anti-glare
  • Smooth touch anti-glare film
  • Special silicone layer for bubble-free and easy application
  • Quality Japan-made film with less interference fringes pattern for the display
  • High-grade anti-scratch film
  • Non-adhesive film that can be applied repeatedly
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth is included for wiping off fingerprints
  • Leveler to squeeze out air bubbles under the film
  • Dust-removing tape for cleaning before applying film

Protect your iPad from scratches

Simplism Bubble-less Film for iPad Anti-glare is the simplest way to protect your iPad from dust and scratches. This film for display does not affect response of multi-touch display. Since this is a self-adhesive film, there will be no marks or residues when removed and it can be applied multiple times.

Anti-glare film

The anti-glare film minimizes the fingerprints or grease on the display and keeps smooth touch. The PET material reduces the reflection. The adequate thickness of the film helps the easier application.

Easy to apply

Simplism Bubble-less film has employed special silicone coating for the adhesive side of the film to solve the bubble staying problem.

Items in the kit will make film application easier than ever; Microfiber cleaning cloth, dust-removing tape and leveler. Before applying the film, use microfiber cloth and the dust-removing tape to remove the dust or fingerprint on the surface. After applying the film squeeze out the air bubble with your finger or a leveler in the kit.

*There is a chance that air bubbles stay under the film when there is some dust on the surface. Please try to wipe off all the dust before applying.

Special silicone coating on the film makes bubbles go away easily when applying however depending on the size of dust it may leave bubbles under the film.

It is no use scratching the film

This high grade anti-scratch film will not be damaged in normal use, making it ideal for protecting your iPad. A microfiber cleaning cloth is included for wiping off fingerprints.

* It is not guaranteed that the protector film will be completely free from damages.

型番・JAN / Model Number・JAN

  • Protector Film for iPad Anti-glare


  • ・Bubble-less Film (Anti-glare) ×1
    ・Microfiber Cleaning Cloth ×1
    ・Leveler ×1
    ・Dust-removing tape ×1


Color Anti-glare
Size 181 × 237 × 0.29 mmm(W × H × D)
Weight 16g
For iPad (3rd)、iPad 2

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