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"Jigen Series 3D Textured Cover for iPhone 5" is now available from Simplism.

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Niiza-city, Saitama, Japan - December 7, 2012 - The new product, "Jigen Series 3D Textured Cover for iPhone 5" is now available from Simplism.

[Jigen Series 3D Textured Cover for iPhone 5]

All made and assembled in Japan
The Jigen series uses a cutting edge 3 dimensional digital data creating technology D3 TEXTURE developed in Japan. (Jigen mean "dimension" in Japanese)

Since launching in 2007 in Japan, Simplism has offered protective films, cases, and batteries for iPhone, iPod and iPad at a budget-friendly price. Adding to the current range of products, Simplism is pursuing perfection using sophisticated technology to bring cases with a unique texture, look and function.

D3 TEXTURE can precisely reproduce any unique texture. A piece of cloth or leather for example can be scanned and saved as fine 3D digital data with unevenness. The textures are reproduced on a plastic surface with a very realistic look and feel, this finest 3D scanning and molding technology enabling us to create original products.

4 different textures: leather, ridge, rattan and beam.

Leather : Real leather like feel
Ridge : Elevated geometric pattern
Rattan : Real natural fiber look
Beam : Real bark like texture

"Key Features"
  • Simplism & D3 TEXTURE collaboration series "Jigen" (Jigen means "dimension" in Japanese)
  • Made exclusively in Japan products with fine technology and design
  • Cutting edge machinery and highly developed craftsmanship come together
  • Fine 3D scanner used to reproduce one and only natural texture
  • The looks and feels that exceed real textures without worrying about deterioration over time
  • Achieved by many trial manufactures and modifications
  • All the case, display film, cleaning cloth and package are made in Japan
  • Available in 4 texture in 3 different colors
  • Leather : The perfectly duplicated unique surface of leather in detail
  • Ridge : High definition three-dimensional texture created on a thin plastic case
  • Rattan : The unevenness of woven natural fibers artistically accomplished
  • Beam: reproduces details of tree bark

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■Jigen for iPhone 4S

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Simplism is a designed-in-Japan brand who designs and develops Apple products peripherals and accessories for the cutting-edge computer/AV equipment.

Our aim is to design the products as simple as possible but still plus something unique to enhance the value of the products.
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