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"Leather Cover Set for iPhone 4S " is now available from Simplism.

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Niiza-city, Saitama, Japan - November 9, 2011 - The new product, "Leather Cover Set for iPhone 4S " is now available from Simplism.

[Leather Cover Set for iPhone 4S ]

"Protect your iPhone 4S in your style"
Leather Cover Set for iPhone 4S is a chic textured hard case that protects your phone from dust and scratches. The set comes with a Display Protector Film. Leather case can offer another stylish look to your rather cool iPhone 4S.

"Elegant leather cover in 6 color variation"
The form is kept simple stitchless to make the leather material stands out. Choose the best color for your style or switch the color as you wish.

With textured leather we have managed to stay budget-friendly and to give a fashionable look. Also, this material requires almost no care unlike real leather.

"Complete transparency film"
Crystal Clear film is very clear and practically invisible. It does not affect the brightness and the contrast of display and keeps clear view. The PET material film with adequate thickness makes it easier to apply.

A microfiber cleaning cloth is included for wiping off fingerprints on the display and the body of iPhone. This set also includes Leveler that helps to squeeze out bubbles under the film.

Protect the touch display from contaminants. Antibacterial coated film is resistant to contamination and gives you a confidence that screen is hygienically clean.

"Key Features"
  • Textured leather cover for iPhone 4S + Display Protector Film
  • Direct access to all controls without removing from the case
  • Easy installation from rear side
  • Japan-made quality Crystal Clear film
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Leveler to squeeze out the bubbles under the film
  • Dust-removing tape for cleaning before applying film
  • Cable Clip to organize excess cable
  • Available in 6 colors

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Simplism is a designed-in-Japan brand who designs and develops Apple products peripherals and accessories for the cutting-edge computer/AV equipment.

Our aim is to design the products as simple as possible but still plus something unique to enhance the value of the products.

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