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"Dualo One-click Remote with Mic " is now available from Simplism

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For better music life with iPod/iPhone,easy control with one click "Dualo One-click Remote with Mic"is here from Simplism.

Niiza-city, Saitama, Japan - December 17, 2010 - The new product, "Starter Pack for iPod shuffle (4th)" is now available from Simplism in the U.S.

[Dualo One-click Remote with Mic]

"Multifunction remote controller "

Simplism Dualo One-click Remote with Mic is a remote controller for iPhone/iPod/iPad. Equipped with a mic, this is the world's only remote that allows to fast forward/rewind with a single click. You can connect with any 3.5mm headphone jack.

"Simplest remote controller ever "

Getting your iPod/iPhone out of your bag or pocket to get the tune you want can be annoying. Unlike the Apple original headphone remote all you need is a single click to fast forward/rewind and no need for double or triple clicks any more.

Get ready by connecting the remote in between 3.5mm audio jack and your iPod/iPhone. Each button has the icon that tells you the function at a glance and enables you to control iPod/iPhone intuitively.

Volume button allows to directly control the volume of iPod/iPhone/iPad itself, and this digital volume control maintains the sound quality.

Control your device smartly with the remote. No hassle to take out your iPod/iPhone each time you want to change the tune.

Play/Pause/FF/REW/Volume can be controlled by the remote.

If you are a iPhone user, you can answer a call by just clicking Play/Pause when you are listening to music. You can swap to a call to iPod easily. Play/Pause also works to start up VoiceOver if installed.

"Super sensitive mic "

This remote is equipped with highly sensitive mic. It works as a hands free mic for iPhone and as voice memo mic for iPod nano (6th). It would also be useful when using Face Time or Skype.

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Simplism is a designed-in-Japan brand who designs and develops Apple products peripherals and accessories for the cutting-edge computer/AV equipment.

Our aim is to design the products as simple as possible but still plus something unique to enhance the value of the products.

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