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"Flip Note Style Set for iPod touch (4th)" is now available from Simplism

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Elegant leather case with peach wood accent "Flip Note Style Set for iPod touch (4th)"is here from Simplism.

Niiza-city, Saitama, Japan - December 15, 2010 - The new product, "Starter Pack for iPod shuffle (4th)" is now available from Simplism in the U.S.

[Flip Note Style Set for iPod touch (4th)]

"Protect your iPod touch(4th)elegantly "

Simplism Flip Note Style Set for iPod touch (4th) is a leather made case that protects your iPod touch from dust and scratches. Piece of peach wood on the flip gives a warm look to it.

This 100% fine leather made case opens like a notebook. The Case covers cool and stylish iPod touch with a warm natural look.

There is a thin plate inside the cover to keep the case straight. This also gives an extra protection for your iPod touch.

"Cover up iPod touch but still have all access"

Direct access to all buttons and connectors including audio jack, volume control, ring/silent, sleep/wake, sound on/off button and dock connector without removing from the case. Speaker at the bottom is also uncovered.

Inside plastic frame protects from getting scratches on the steal part of iPod touch and is made to hold iPod touch firmly from side.

The case does not cover the display part at all and there is nothing to distract the display. There is a camera hole at the back of the case and you can take a picture/video as you open the case.

There is no magnet or metal parts used in this case and reception or compass will not be affected.

"Card slot "

Inner side of the flip has a convenient card slot which will hold one ID or credit card.

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Simplism is a designed-in-Japan brand who designs and develops Apple products peripherals and accessories for the cutting-edge computer/AV equipment.

Our aim is to design the products as simple as possible but still plus something unique to enhance the value of the products.

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