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Come and Visit Simplism at CES 2017!


Hi guys!

Happy New Year!! May you all have a great year in 2017!!



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Christmas Gift Recommendation from Trinity Staff


Development Team / Una

"Dress + Belt design, Horizontal FlipNote Case"
[Belty] ajouter Flip Note Case

This Gold Belty is gorgeous iPhone case, best gift for Christmas gift!

You can get one on Amazon:



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What's the "H" for Surface Hardness level?


When you take a close look at some packages of screen protection film or glass, you can often find "9H Surface Hardness" or "3H Surface Hardness".  


Nobody knew what exactly it was. Maybe the bigger number we get, the better? 

Today, I would like to unveil what it is. 

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ajouter Handie for All The Ladies


Hi Everyone!


I have been an iPhone lover for about 3 years.

Even though there are bigger and high-res screen iPhones such as iPhone 6, 6s series or iPhone 7 series, I am still stick to the smaller 5 series size.

Since my iPhone got officially zombie recently, I have purchased iPhone SE.


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Best Gifts Suggestion


Have you already decided any gifts for your family and friends?

What are you going to give them?

HappyHoliday Everyone!.png

 I would love to recommend you some products that will be a good gift for your important people.

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Indestructible Aegis Pro_iPhone 7 / 7 Plus TPU Case with FLEX3D Frame Glass Film


Looking for something entirely new in a phone case? 
Something so unique that it will entice your curiosity? 

The Simplism+ Aegis Pro is a case designed at an entirely new level. 
This indestructible case is malleable and shock absorbent. 

Aegis Pro.jpg

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What is the SideKick?


The Simplism+ SideKick is an upgraded version of the popular FlipNote case. 

With features that came standard with the Flip Note case like the self-standing capability and card holders, the SideKick is equipped with a self-locking mechanism to keep your case closed at all times. 

20160722- (12).jpg

20160722- (13).jpg

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Our Amazon Nightmare


Hi guys,

iPhone 7 was launched in this September, since then, we Simplism US team, have been suffering from Amazon listing issues.

You guys might not have many chances to list products on Amazon, we all usually buys stuff on right?


To sell our products on Amazon, we had to do "listing" for all the products for Amazon. It is a pain of neck actually because it is very time consuming and complicated due to the Amazon's regulations.

This time, since we so many Amazon technical problems happened, it took for a while to have all the products on Amazon. If any of you had any inconvenience, very sorry about it.



We finally have them all on!!

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What's the problem of iPhone 7 Jet Black?



One of the biggest difference of iPhone 7 from other previous iPhones, is this new black color called "Jet Black. Other colors are all with matte texture aluminum materials but this Jet Black has beautiful shiny surface. It looks very cool and luxury. However, it has a problem, which is it is easily get scratches. Even Apple, Inc., wrote such note at the very bottom of iPhone 7 page on their website.

"The high-gloss finish of the jet black iPhone 7 is achieved through a precision nine-step anodization and polishing process. Its surface is equally as hard as other anodized Apple products; however, its high shine may show fine micro-abrasions with use. If you are concerned about this, we suggest you use one of the many cases available to protect your iPhone."

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"ajouter" By Simplism+


Introducing ajouter by Simplism+, a feminine approach to a product line that did not offer much to the female consumer. 

An all female design team created a concept to "ajouter", or add, a feminine twist to every product. 

Taking concepts from fashion, accessories, and colors that make any woman feel great;  ajouter is a line that incorporates all aspects of a women's daily life into an affordable case. 

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FLEX 3D for iPhone 7 & iPhone 7+



Introducing a new age in glass screen protectors. Simplism+ designed a virtually indestructible glass film comprised of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) materials. Having so much confidence in their film, Simplism+ is offering to fully replace or refund any cracked or damaged films. With its indestructible edges, FLEX 3D will cover the entire display of the phone from corner to corner. Unfortunately, the FLEX 3D film is not compatible with the iPhone 6 series, three variations of the FLEX 3D film will be hitting the US market with the release of the iPhone 7.

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SImplism_Cross body Bag_Backpack_Eco leather_ iPad mini retina case _ NUNO _ Scratch Resistant Film_ Aegis


We have a new blog update on our Cross body Bag. Come check our our Blog! 

Get your back to school Backpacks from Simplism! The Backpack case conveniently allows you to keep two cards in the exterior case. Keeping your cards safe and protected throughout your school day.


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Simplism_BillFold_NUNO_Ultra Thin Case_ Magical Tool_Journal


The Billfold is stylish and can hold all your essentials. Stop carrying around bulky wallets and get your Billfold by Simplism today!



The NUNO Fabric Case by Simplism comes in various different styles and textures. Making it the perfect case to match any style and any occasion. Check out the full line up of NUNO cases on or click the link to get yours today!




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New FlipNote Pocket case from "ajouter"


You can now reserve iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus from today! What kind of case do you want to put on your brand new iPhone?

Simplism's new iPhone 7 accessories are now officially released on the same day as iPhone 7 release.

Today, I would like to introduce "FlipNote Pocket" case from Simplism "ajouter", that is more for female users.

Minimised the functions, it is classy simple flip note case with an affordable price. You can have enough functions with this thin simple beautiful case.



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It's coming...




It will come.

On the 7th!!

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Simplism SNS Update_#MotivationalMonday_Extremely Hygienic Film_ Eco Leather iPhone Sleeve Case_HIBIKI


Hi fans, let us share our posts on our SNS here on our blog as well. 

Please follow up on our facebook! 

Simplism Facebook >>

Hope your ‪#‎MotivationMonday starts off strong!


The Extremely Hygienic Film by Simplism kills virtually all bacteria that forms on your phones screen. Stay protected and visit to get yours today! 

Watch video >> Click HERE



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Simplism Anti-glare Film


This is the Simplism Frame Film Anti-glare ver. 

It covers the whole screen and the white or black frame covers the screen frame as well, so it will perfectly fit the surface of your iPhone. 

Anti-glare 1.jpg

Anti-glare 2.jpg

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Simplism SNS Update_iPhone 6_iPhone 6S_Cases_NUNO_Eco Leather Case_Ultra This Case_Crossbody Bag


Hi guys, We would like to share our posts on our SNS here on our blog as well. 
Please follow up on our facebook! 

The NUNO by Simplism comes in many different colors and textures, making it perfect for any occasion. A card holder is located in a secret pocket on the inside of the case. Click the link to see all the different styles of NUNO today!
Simplism's High Quality Eco leather sleeve case comes with a hidden card pocket inside. You can insert your iPhone 6 into the sleeve even if you use a thin cover on your phone. Works well with Simplism Ultra Thin Case. Get yours on by clicking the link below!

What's your color? Simplism's Ultra thin case has the the perfect color you are looking for! Check them out today!

The Crossbody bag allows for you to carry you phone, cosmetics, small accessories and cards all together in one bag. Bag is large enough for phones with thin cases can easily fit inside the bag. Guys, this is the perfect gift the for the girl in your life! Get yours today on or by clicking this link:

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Go out with Simplism Crossbody Bag


Hi fans,

Are you guys having fun on your vacation?

Simplism Crossbody bag allows for you to carry you phone, cosmetics, small accessories and cards all together in one bag.


Bag is large enough for phones with thin cases can easily fit inside the bag.

Girls, which color do you like the most?

We have Pink, White and Black. 

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Have You Met Pikachu?


Hi guys, the famous Pokemon Go was finally released in Japan!

It is kind a funny that it came out this late in Japan even though the Pokemon itself is one of the subculture of Japan. 


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Welcome Summer!


Good morning from sunny California! We are in the midst of another severe heat wave this summer season. It is days like these that I tend to miss the winter months. However, with the summer season brings summer fun! Festivals, beaches, and pools come with the wave of heat strickening the Golden State.

journaliphone154_pic_001 copy.jpg

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The Natural Beauty of Hibiki


Hi everyone!

Hibiki is a Japanese word that can be literally translated to the English word "echo". 

The name of this one-of-a-kind product derived from the balance between mankind craftsmanship and the handling of nature's products. This one-of-a-kind hand hand crafted case was made by hand using an ancient Japanese technique. Skilled craftsman diligently carve, chip, and shape these cases to ensure a unique and quality case that is sure to catch your eye.


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What is the "Blue Light" ?


Have you ever heard the "Blue Light" before? 

Do you know what it is? 

Do you know why Simplism always have "Blue Light Reduction" films for iPhones or iPads?  


Today, I would like to talk about the "Blue Light" to let you guys know more about it and why we always offer the "Blue Light Reduction" films.  

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.01.16 AM.png

*Retrieved from "Blue Light Exposed" 

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Carry NEO with Belt Clip Case from Simplism


Hello NuAns and Simplism fans :)  

Today, I would like to share an interesting case from our another original brand: Simplism which has focused on designing and developing quality accessories and peripherals for Apple and other smartphone and tablet products. 

I am very happy that finally I can put these two brands together; NuAns and Simplism. :) 

NuAns NEO, because of its concept, it is not made for any other external cases. NEO has its own world and texture on its own body, plastic cases will make them meaningless. Then, how do you carry it with you usually?  

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 5.58.26 PM.png

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Magical Tool V3


Hi fans :) 

Today I would like to introduce a cool stuff which comes with most of the simplism cases or films.  

It is called "Magical Tool V3".  

What is it then?  

It makes aligning the protector film dramatically easier. Attach the film like magic by inserting the tool into the connector port for easy alignment.  

The multi-use "Magical Tool V3" can be used as a cable manager for headphones as well.  

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.54.59 PM.png

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