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Sense of Unity for The Brand


The NuAns brand launches its first term product line-up using brushed felt fabric as the basic material. "We wanted to do something different, because we used leather for our Simplism product line, so we came up with the idea to use felt." Tetsushi Hoshikawa said.  

"Felt is not usually combined with digital gadgetry, but we were impressed with what Mr.  Hoshikawa pressed... that we wanted to challenge ourselves and not back down in the face of a challenge... This motivated us to produce the successful products NuAns has to offer," replied the two TENT designers.  


Making of NuAns 2.png

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Making of NuAns Vol.1


We strive to create products you always want in your life and by your side


Tetsushi Hoshikawa, CEO of Trinity, Inc. who produces Simplism, mobile accessories, especially for iPhone, always begins his development process by asking himself what he himself would really want and how to make it provide the highest utility. 


These are the simple guiding principles he has used whenever he has sought to develop not only unique, specialty-use accessories such as "The Fingerist," a micro-guitar with built in amplifier that your iPhone fits into for use with music playing apps, but also mass production products such as iPhone cases or Sleeve for MacBook. He has applied these same principles to the ideas for the NuAns brand.

Making of NuAns 1.png

He said, 

"I had relied on advanced graphic design to create different products such as iPhone cases but I had been contemplating making something with a clean look." 


He decided to focus on making digital tools that he felt would positively impact people's everyday lives. He continued, 

"We wanted these products to be distinguished as high-end, not mixed amongst existing cheap plastic goods, by offering a superior experience. So I decided to collaborate with a product designer to make a unique new brand."


Tetsushi (Hoshikawa)  contacted 'TENT', an industrial design group whom he had exchanged some product ideas in the past. 


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NuAns NEO is at CES 2017


January7, 2016
Las Vengas Convention Center

The NuAns NEO Windows 10 mobile makes its second debut at the 2017 
Consumer Electronics Tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada.
In hopes of reviving the interest in potential distribution around the world, 
NEO now comes with a spectrum of new colors and textures.

A "smooth" texture was added to the collection of TWOTONE covers. 
Colors include Tender Blue, Light Green, Orange, and Red. 
Three types of natural woods were added as well: Bamboo, Bubinga, and Kembang.

The Consumer Electronic Tradeshow (CES) runs Thursday, January 5, 
through Sunday, January 8, at the Las Vegas Convention center. 
With numbers reporting in at upwards of 200,000 attendees, 
we feel confident that we can ignite passion back into the NuAns NEO.

NEO Backers Newsletter.jpg

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Come and Visit NuAns at CES 2017!


Hi guys!

Happy New Year!! May you all have a great year in 2017!!

Happy NewYear, y'all!.png

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Christmas Gift Recommendation from Trinity Staff


Development Team / Una

"Dress + Belt design, Horizontal FlipNote Case"
[Belty] ajouter Flip Note Case

This Gold Belty is gorgeous iPhone case, best gift for Christmas gift!

You can get one on Amazon:



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Best Gifts Suggestion


Have you already decided any gifts for your family and friends?

What are you going to give them?

HappyHoliday Everyone!.png

 I would love to recommend you some products that will be a good gift for your important people.

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Have you met TILE?


Hi guys J

This simple and stylish desk light is called TILE.

This TILE is gonna be a great gift for holiday season.

<Concept Video of TILE>

This is not just a desk light. This is a LED light stand that can charge an iPhone or iPad.

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Our Amazon Nightmare


Hi guys,

iPhone 7 was launched in this September, since then, we Simplism US team, have been suffering from Amazon listing issues.

You guys might not have many chances to list products on Amazon, we all usually buys stuff on right?


To sell our products on Amazon, we had to do "listing" for all the products for Amazon. It is a pain of neck actually because it is very time consuming and complicated due to the Amazon's regulations.

This time, since we so many Amazon technical problems happened, it took for a while to have all the products on Amazon. If any of you had any inconvenience, very sorry about it.



We finally have them all on!!

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TAGPLATE-Looking for A Reliable Battery?


Is your phone always running low on battery life throughout the day?

The TAGPLATE is a convenient portable charger that includes a lightning cable to charge your Apple device.

Tired of bulky metallic batteries?

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Hi fans,

The BANDWIRE is a nifty piece of equipment is the best answer to lighting cables to date. Compact, convenient, and chic, this product will make you view cables in a new light.




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You haven't gotten ROLLDOCK Yet?!


Hi fans! 

Apparently, many of you haven't really noticed how ROLLDOCK would be useful in your daily life yet.

Since I am a big fan of ROLLDOCK, I would love to tell you why it is such a great product today!

It is a Mobile Battery Charging Dock with 3000mAh with Apple lightning pin. The lighting pin of course has MFi (Made for iPhone) certificate.



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ROLLDOCK_MFi Products_Thank you message from NuAns NEO_Must-have-item for Pokemon Go!_BANDWIRE_CONE


The smart way to stay charged. ROLLDOCK by NuAns.

Watch the video by clicking Here!  

Summer is about going outside and having fun. Don't be tied down by your phones short battery life. The ROLLDOCK by NuAns is compact and portable allowing you to stay fully charged during these long summer days!



Monday's are always difficult. Hope this little motivation will help you get through your day!



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Hi NuAns fans!

These are the posts from our facebook. Please do not forget to check our facebook! 


Get organized with NuAns MAGMAT! Click here to get yours today!

Watch the Video >>Click HERE!

 BANWIRE is the hottest lighting cable on the market! Functional and stylish the BANDWIRE by NuAns will never leave your side. Get yours today by clicking the link below!



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Have You Met Pikachu?


Hi guys, the famous Pokemon Go was finally released in Japan!

It is kind a funny that it came out this late in Japan even though the Pokemon itself is one of the subculture of Japan. 


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Give Me A NEO Campaign on Instagram!


Hi fans :) 

Do you wanna get a free NuAns NEO? 

Our Instagram NEO Campaign has been started!! 

You can see the Campaign Page here >>


What is it? 

This will be a contest for sharing Instagram photos of NEO. They will need to find or edit their favorite picture of NEO, post it to Instagram with the hashtag #GivemeaNEO so we can track entries. Winner will be whoever gets the most likes and will receive a free NEO and their choice of TWOTONE or FLIP case. 

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Technology with Attitude and Style


The NEO's dynamic design comes stocked customizable styles.


NuAns NEO was designed to make the smartphone users life that much simpler. With its round-edged design and its impressive 5 inch high-definition display, the NEO fits comfortably in a users hand. With the NEO there is no reason to carry around bulky electronic devices when you have a smartphone and a computer all in one device.


The outer shell will surely impress any NEO user. The TWOTONE cover offers 64 interchangeable patterns allowing every user to express their very own unique style; without adding a bulky case to the outside of their device. Want to protect the screen? NEO comes with 8 unique FLIP style cases; each equipped to hold up to 3 cards and protects the screen from damage. With both the TWOTONE and the FLIP case, NEO offers 76 customizable styles for any avid fashion and smartphone users.


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NuAns NEO Windows 10 Mobile: An Impressive Smartphone Device


The NEO's dynamic design comes stocked with the latest technology.

For years, Microsoft Windows has found itself playing catch-up to the Android and Apple OS. However, with the launch of the Windows 10 Mobile OS, superior smartphone software and experience emerged. Microsoft was able to create a singular platform that will connect all windows devices together. With the addition of Windows Continuum, NEO users will be able to instantly connect to any TV or monitor and project their desktop; making the NEO a portable computer in your hand. With the ability to sync your desktop directly to your NEO device, users will be able to edit any existing documents saved to the cloud.


Besides adopting the Windows 10 Mobile platform allowing NEO users to seamlessly sync their desktop to their smartphone device, NuAns NEO comes equipped with the latest Qualcomm octa-core processor: SnapDragon 617. This superior processing chip allows NEO users to stream high-definition movies, work on documents, and enjoy stunning download speeds all with battery life to spare.


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Know More about TENT: NuAns Designer


TENT is a creative unit based in Tokyo, Japan. They are well-experienced product designers.

NuAns series and NuAns NEO were designed by them.


Masayuki Haruta and Ryosaku Aoki has designed many products until now.

Many of their products designed as TENT has a concept: simple but functional and blends into people's everyday life. 

TENT w:o logo.png

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NuAns NEO User Group Meeting Vol.2


Hi fans, I have talked about the "NUGM vol. 1" in the blog before.  The next meeting place was fixed. It will be Trinity Headquarter in Japan on June 6th, 2016!!  


Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 11.12.32 PM.png

Not many of you may know that Trinity, Inc., has an Italian restaurant right next to office. It is called a "Torattoria Trinita". 

I will introduce more about this restaurant later :)  

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.15.47 AM.png

The point is, after the meeting in the office, they are going to have a party at this restaurant! So the participants can fully experience and enjoy the world of Trinity! 


Trinity, Inc.,  is in Saitama prefecture in Japan, a bit far from Tokyo, but not that far either. It will take about 30 mins from Ikebukuro station by train. 

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Find Your Lost NuAns NEO


Hi fans :)

Thank you so much for being patient and support us always.

We are now planning and scheduling in detail for its global launch. Wish us luck!


Smartphones are one of the most important and necessary thing in our everyday life, right?

I'm pretty much sure that many of you will panic once you lost your smartphones.


Don't worry, Be happy! If you are an NuAns NEO user, you can use this convenient function: "Find a lost phone or device".

Go to the "Manage your devices in one place" on Microsoft website, then you can see all the devices with the Microsoft accounts.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 10.52.38 PM.png

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A Cold Windy Day


The wind blowing, the chill increasing, and winter jackets everywhere, the warm days of the weekend have been challenged by the cold days of the week. Walking around throughout the day, you would forget that the weekend was full of sunshine and warmth. After my day around town, I found myself inside of the house not willing to move. Cold weather makes me lazy and unmotivated.

I decided to sit down at my desk to check my e-mails when my hand caressed the warm felt fabric of my khaki MAGFIT. The simple and natural feel the of my MAGFIT fills my workspace with a warm and casual work environment.

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Easter on the West Coast


Hi Fans!

Hope everyone enjoyed a happy easter, if not, I hope everyone enjoyed a beautiful day!

Here in California, Easter is a huge event. 

People from across the state come together to hunt for eggs, enjoy a day in the sun, and hang out with family.

As I watched my friends and family hunt for eggs I was drawn in by all of the pastel colors used during the Easter holiday season. 

One color that struck my eye was the Saffron color used for coloring easter eggs. 

This color instantaneously made me remember all of the beautiful products NuAns has in the Saffron color.

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NuAns NEO was displayed at the Microsoft Booth in MWC 2016


Here is the blog by Asasuke, a project manager in NEO team. (*in Japanese) 

It is a little late report about Mobile World Congress (MWC), but hope you guys can find it is interesting.  


We have participated in the MWC 2016 in this February.  

It was our very first shot to have our own booth at MWC. Even though it was located in a hard-to-find place far from the center of the hall, many visitors from all over the world came all the way to our booth. Thank you everyone who visited us.   


In the same venue, at Microsoft booth, NuAns NEO was also exhibited.  

Their booth was super cool. :) 

NEO @ MWC1.png

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Create your own "NuAns NEO"with the 3D data


NuAns has published the 3D data of the NuAns NEO. By using this data, you can create your own only one covers for NEO. You can download the data from here: 


This is an idea created by Mr. Nagayama, a skillful engineer from NEO team.  

His idea is quite interesting that using this cover, you can stabilize NEO TWOTONE cover on the tripod stand. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 11.41.52 AM.png

Just like this :)


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NuAns NEO x GRAMAS Real Leather Cover & Case


Guys, your smartphone is no longer just a tool for texting or Internet!!

It is time to customize it as a part of your fashion.

According to the press release, Trinity, Inc., announced "NuAns & GRAMAS" will release the high-quality leather material NEO TWOTONE cover / FLIP case. 

The TWOTONE cover will be on sale from February 17, 2016 and the FLIP case will be on market at the beginning of March. You can get them on Trinity NuAns Store (sorry! Only in Japan!!)

NEO Cover & Case by "GRAMAS"


These are the TWOTONE covers and FLIP cases which made by "GRAMAS".

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