What is the SideKick?


The Simplism+ SideKick is an upgraded version of the popular FlipNote case. 

With features that came standard with the Flip Note case like the self-standing capability and card holders, the SideKick is equipped with a self-locking mechanism to keep your case closed at all times. 

20160722- (12).jpg

20160722- (13).jpg

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Our Amazon Nightmare


Hi guys,

iPhone 7 was launched in this September, since then, we Simplism US team, have been suffering from Amazon listing issues.

You guys might not have many chances to list products on Amazon, we all usually buys stuff on right?


To sell our products on Amazon, we had to do "listing" for all the products for Amazon. It is a pain of neck actually because it is very time consuming and complicated due to the Amazon's regulations.

This time, since we so many Amazon technical problems happened, it took for a while to have all the products on Amazon. If any of you had any inconvenience, very sorry about it.



We finally have them all on!!

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What's the problem of iPhone 7 Jet Black?



One of the biggest difference of iPhone 7 from other previous iPhones, is this new black color called "Jet Black. Other colors are all with matte texture aluminum materials but this Jet Black has beautiful shiny surface. It looks very cool and luxury. However, it has a problem, which is it is easily get scratches. Even Apple, Inc., wrote such note at the very bottom of iPhone 7 page on their website.

"The high-gloss finish of the jet black iPhone 7 is achieved through a precision nine-step anodization and polishing process. Its surface is equally as hard as other anodized Apple products; however, its high shine may show fine micro-abrasions with use. If you are concerned about this, we suggest you use one of the many cases available to protect your iPhone."

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TAGPLATE-Looking for A Reliable Battery?


Is your phone always running low on battery life throughout the day?

The TAGPLATE is a convenient portable charger that includes a lightning cable to charge your Apple device.

Tired of bulky metallic batteries?

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Hi fans,

The BANDWIRE is a nifty piece of equipment is the best answer to lighting cables to date. Compact, convenient, and chic, this product will make you view cables in a new light.




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You haven't gotten ROLLDOCK Yet?!


Hi fans! 

Apparently, many of you haven't really noticed how ROLLDOCK would be useful in your daily life yet.

Since I am a big fan of ROLLDOCK, I would love to tell you why it is such a great product today!

It is a Mobile Battery Charging Dock with 3000mAh with Apple lightning pin. The lighting pin of course has MFi (Made for iPhone) certificate.



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"ajouter" By Simplism+


Introducing ajouter by Simplism+, a feminine approach to a product line that did not offer much to the female consumer. 

An all female design team created a concept to "ajouter", or add, a feminine twist to every product. 

Taking concepts from fashion, accessories, and colors that make any woman feel great;  ajouter is a line that incorporates all aspects of a women's daily life into an affordable case. 

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FLEX 3D for iPhone 7 & iPhone 7+



Introducing a new age in glass screen protectors. Simplism+ designed a virtually indestructible glass film comprised of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) materials. Having so much confidence in their film, Simplism+ is offering to fully replace or refund any cracked or damaged films. With its indestructible edges, FLEX 3D will cover the entire display of the phone from corner to corner. Unfortunately, the FLEX 3D film is not compatible with the iPhone 6 series, three variations of the FLEX 3D film will be hitting the US market with the release of the iPhone 7.

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SImplism_Cross body Bag_Backpack_Eco leather_ iPad mini retina case _ NUNO _ Scratch Resistant Film_ Aegis


We have a new blog update on our Cross body Bag. Come check our our Blog! 

Get your back to school Backpacks from Simplism! The Backpack case conveniently allows you to keep two cards in the exterior case. Keeping your cards safe and protected throughout your school day.


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ROLLDOCK_MFi Products_Thank you message from NuAns NEO_Must-have-item for Pokemon Go!_BANDWIRE_CONE


The smart way to stay charged. ROLLDOCK by NuAns.

Watch the video by clicking Here!  

Summer is about going outside and having fun. Don't be tied down by your phones short battery life. The ROLLDOCK by NuAns is compact and portable allowing you to stay fully charged during these long summer days!



Monday's are always difficult. Hope this little motivation will help you get through your day!



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