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Sense of Unity for The Brand


The NuAns brand launches its first term product line-up using brushed felt fabric as the basic material. "We wanted to do something different, because we used leather for our Simplism product line, so we came up with the idea to use felt." Tetsushi Hoshikawa said.  

"Felt is not usually combined with digital gadgetry, but we were impressed with what Mr.  Hoshikawa pressed... that we wanted to challenge ourselves and not back down in the face of a challenge... This motivated us to produce the successful products NuAns has to offer," replied the two TENT designers.  


Making of NuAns 2.png

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Making of NuAns Vol.1


We strive to create products you always want in your life and by your side


Tetsushi Hoshikawa, CEO of Trinity, Inc. who produces Simplism, mobile accessories, especially for iPhone, always begins his development process by asking himself what he himself would really want and how to make it provide the highest utility. 


These are the simple guiding principles he has used whenever he has sought to develop not only unique, specialty-use accessories such as "The Fingerist," a micro-guitar with built in amplifier that your iPhone fits into for use with music playing apps, but also mass production products such as iPhone cases or Sleeve for MacBook. He has applied these same principles to the ideas for the NuAns brand.

Making of NuAns 1.png

He said, 

"I had relied on advanced graphic design to create different products such as iPhone cases but I had been contemplating making something with a clean look." 


He decided to focus on making digital tools that he felt would positively impact people's everyday lives. He continued, 

"We wanted these products to be distinguished as high-end, not mixed amongst existing cheap plastic goods, by offering a superior experience. So I decided to collaborate with a product designer to make a unique new brand."


Tetsushi (Hoshikawa)  contacted 'TENT', an industrial design group whom he had exchanged some product ideas in the past. 


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Indestructible Aegis Pro_iPhone 7 / 7 Plus TPU Case with FLEX3D Frame Glass Film


Looking for something entirely new in a phone case? 
Something so unique that it will entice your curiosity? 

The Simplism+ Aegis Pro is a case designed at an entirely new level. 
This indestructible case is malleable and shock absorbent. 

Aegis Pro.jpg

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What is the SideKick?


The Simplism+ SideKick is an upgraded version of the popular FlipNote case. 

With features that came standard with the Flip Note case like the self-standing capability and card holders, the SideKick is equipped with a self-locking mechanism to keep your case closed at all times. 

20160722- (12).jpg

20160722- (13).jpg

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TAGPLATE-Looking for A Reliable Battery?


Is your phone always running low on battery life throughout the day?

The TAGPLATE is a convenient portable charger that includes a lightning cable to charge your Apple device.

Tired of bulky metallic batteries?

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Hi fans,

The BANDWIRE is a nifty piece of equipment is the best answer to lighting cables to date. Compact, convenient, and chic, this product will make you view cables in a new light.




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SImplism_Cross body Bag_Backpack_Eco leather_ iPad mini retina case _ NUNO _ Scratch Resistant Film_ Aegis


We have a new blog update on our Cross body Bag. Come check our our Blog! 

Get your back to school Backpacks from Simplism! The Backpack case conveniently allows you to keep two cards in the exterior case. Keeping your cards safe and protected throughout your school day.


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ROLLDOCK_MFi Products_Thank you message from NuAns NEO_Must-have-item for Pokemon Go!_BANDWIRE_CONE


The smart way to stay charged. ROLLDOCK by NuAns.

Watch the video by clicking Here!  

Summer is about going outside and having fun. Don't be tied down by your phones short battery life. The ROLLDOCK by NuAns is compact and portable allowing you to stay fully charged during these long summer days!



Monday's are always difficult. Hope this little motivation will help you get through your day!



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Simplism_BillFold_NUNO_Ultra Thin Case_ Magical Tool_Journal


The Billfold is stylish and can hold all your essentials. Stop carrying around bulky wallets and get your Billfold by Simplism today!



The NUNO Fabric Case by Simplism comes in various different styles and textures. Making it the perfect case to match any style and any occasion. Check out the full line up of NUNO cases on or click the link to get yours today!




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Know More about TENT: NuAns Designer


TENT is a creative unit based in Tokyo, Japan. They are well-experienced product designers.

NuAns series and NuAns NEO were designed by them.


Masayuki Haruta and Ryosaku Aoki has designed many products until now.

Many of their products designed as TENT has a concept: simple but functional and blends into people's everyday life. 

TENT w:o logo.png

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Not just a Gadget Manufacturer?! Italian Restaurant by Trinity


Hi fans,

As you guys already know, Trinity, Inc. is the company name which owns two original brands: "NuAns" and "Simplism". Trinity, Inc. is also working as an exclusive distributor for "blueLounge" an American gadget accessory brand in Japan.

NuAns NEO will be coming on the kickstarter very soon. Stay tuned!!

Today, I would like to introduce another face of Trinity, Inc. 

They run a small but cozy and great Italian restaurant right next to their office.



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Welcome Summer!


Good morning from sunny California! We are in the midst of another severe heat wave this summer season. It is days like these that I tend to miss the winter months. However, with the summer season brings summer fun! Festivals, beaches, and pools come with the wave of heat strickening the Golden State.

journaliphone154_pic_001 copy.jpg

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The Natural Beauty of Hibiki


Hi everyone!

Hibiki is a Japanese word that can be literally translated to the English word "echo". 

The name of this one-of-a-kind product derived from the balance between mankind craftsmanship and the handling of nature's products. This one-of-a-kind hand hand crafted case was made by hand using an ancient Japanese technique. Skilled craftsman diligently carve, chip, and shape these cases to ensure a unique and quality case that is sure to catch your eye.


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A Cold Windy Day


The wind blowing, the chill increasing, and winter jackets everywhere, the warm days of the weekend have been challenged by the cold days of the week. Walking around throughout the day, you would forget that the weekend was full of sunshine and warmth. After my day around town, I found myself inside of the house not willing to move. Cold weather makes me lazy and unmotivated.

I decided to sit down at my desk to check my e-mails when my hand caressed the warm felt fabric of my khaki MAGFIT. The simple and natural feel the of my MAGFIT fills my workspace with a warm and casual work environment.

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Easter on the West Coast


Hi Fans!

Hope everyone enjoyed a happy easter, if not, I hope everyone enjoyed a beautiful day!

Here in California, Easter is a huge event. 

People from across the state come together to hunt for eggs, enjoy a day in the sun, and hang out with family.

As I watched my friends and family hunt for eggs I was drawn in by all of the pastel colors used during the Easter holiday season. 

One color that struck my eye was the Saffron color used for coloring easter eggs. 

This color instantaneously made me remember all of the beautiful products NuAns has in the Saffron color.

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The Flowers and Chocolates Cliché


For years, women have been receiving flowers and chocolates for Valentine's Day. With a smile on their face and reluctant joy in their hearts, many accept. I, however, want to think outside of the mundane social traditions and give a gift that is unexpected.

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NuAns and CES: Part 2


Hi all,

My experience at CES was AMAZING! I was able to preview the newest in innovations from around the world. The days were long and exhausting, but the over all experience of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Tradeshow in Las Vegas was priceless. It is definitely an experience that everyone should try and experience!

The greatest achievement of the show was the unveiling of the NuAns NEO Windows 10 mobile phone. With interchangeable and customizable panels decorating the back of your phone and the high speed Windows 10 program, the NuAns NEO is going to become the next biggest thing. The most rewarding experience was seeing everyone's reaction when they found out that all of the materials for the panels are made from 100% natural materials! You can feel the warmth of the wood, the edged surface of the stone, and the soft texture of the fabrics.

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NuAns and CES: Part 1


Hi all!

Happy new years! I hope everyone's New Years resolutions are coming into clear view. My new year's resolution this year was to be more informed and more involved into new technology being developed and the latest products being unveiled.

Speaking of Unveiled, I have just returned from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The trade show was an extravaganza of new technologies and ideas from all around the world. However, at this trade show we were one of the lucky few that attended the Unveil event in Las Vegas.



Unveil is the hub for news agencies around the world. It is 'the' place to be for product and company recognition. Media from all around the world attend this event to see the latest in technology and innovation. NuAns was unveiled to people around the world.

Set up of NuAns was rigorous, however, the event went off with a hitch! We were able to show off OUR innovative idea to the world. I know most of you have been excited about what we have accomplished in the past year, but many were unable to share the same excitement!




After the first night of the Unveiled event came the day of the trade show. The new and exciting ideas I was able to absorb in the time I was there was amazing. However, details on my final days of my CES experience will come later.

 Until next time!


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The Veracity of Mother Nature


Hi everyone! Michael here!

I have some interesting news to report from this weekend.

ff of the Southern California coast of Ventura, mother nature took a chance in showcasing her power for all to see. 

Starting Friday, December 11, going through Sunday, December 13th, massive 12-14ft waves pounded the coast. 

Lifeguards were on alert as brave surfers tried to tame these powerful titans.

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Chasing the Storm


Well it is another winter here in southern California. This year, however, we have a special guest. We have the father of storms, the giver of swells, and the birther of waves; El Niño. This year is especially exciting because we haven't seen a good swell in awhile.



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Is Privacy a Privilege?


With our eyes glued to a screen, big or small, throughout the day, we often forget about the environment around us. A sense of control and leisure consumes us when we delve into our daily delights on the digital web. However, we tend to forget the peeping Pauls' and the nosy Nancys' that we have all come to know.

Is privacy a privilege? No!

I find myself traveling a lot these days. From the state of California to the neighboring states of Nevada and Arizona. I am often herded into planes then packed like sardines into seats half of the size they should be. When humans are packed unnaturally close to each other, eyes often tend to drift; not always intentionally, but out of peer boredom.

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The iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6+ Showdown


Hi All!

The other day I was sitting on the beach drinking a warm cup of coffee watching the sun rise. Periodically I would look down at my 2 year old iPhone 5 to check sports or news updates. Within minutes, my battery life went from 100% to 83% scrolling through a couple of articles. From there i realized, this was it; it is time for me to retire my iPhone 5 and purchase the iPhone 6.

But which one should I buy? I broke it down into 3 easy categories that helped me narrow down my decision.

  1. Screen Size:

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Salutations and Simplism!


Hello friends!

My name is Michael. It has been an honor and a privilege to be accepted into the Simplism family. I hope that what they see in me will reflect in my work to come.

Now a little background on myself. I am currently living in the United States, California to be exact, and have been for about 15 years of my life. However, I was born in Yokohama, Japan, and truly have the soul and heart of a Japanese man. I live for the beach, sun, and surf. I feel that when I am not in the water, I can never truly find peace. In fact, I was surfing this morning!

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