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Thank you for praying for Japan



It was such a scary moment.

The earthquake hit Japan on March 11th Friday, 2011, the fourth most powerful earthquake in the world.

The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake

It was the biggest and longest earthquake we have ever experienced.
Even in Tokyo area, we still feel many aftershocks everyday, and our
office will be affected by the rolling blackouts.

We were so grateful for the condolences and compassion received
from many countries, that surely encouraged us.

This event made us think deeply about the meaning of life and feel
how affluent life we have been living surrounded by sufficient supplies.

There still are so many missing people and evacuators in disaster areas.
To support the reconstruction of Japan, we decided to give financial
assistance as donations through Japanese Red Cross Workers' Union.

We wish to extend our heartfelt sympathies to all those affected by
this earthquake.

The Land of the Rising Sun, there is always tomorrow.

がんばれ 日本。

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Show is over


Busy busy 4 days are now over, and we would like to thank everyone
who came to our booth.



The Fingerist from our other brand EVENNO is always fun attention grabber!


We just had a big project with Macy's and, and we got so excited to see the person who actually had the special limited color BLUE Flip Leather Case for iPad that we made for Macy's!


We Simplism team had very productive show this year, and hoping that you will be seeing us in more countries.


Once again, thank you for visiting our booth and hope to see you again next year at the CES 2012.

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Simplism CES 2011


Hello again from Las Vegas!


We are happy to inform you about our presence at CES 2011 in Las Vegas.


Our booth color stands for the Simplism concept of this year "organic", and
we have set up our booth with all by hand work.

It was really hard work, and plus our boxes of product samples got lost in the convention center and had so much struggles to find them :'(




Anyways, glad that our booth look really nice and looking forward to seeing you at our booth #4416, North Hall (iLounge Pavilion).

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A Happy New Year 2011


2011 is the year of the Rabbit in Chinese zodiac sign.


Hoping that Simplism will make another big jump this year and bring smiles to all the people in Simplism paradise!

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Summer Holiday


Are you surviving in this heat?
Trinity will be closed for summer holiday from August 14th to 22nd.


We will be back again on August 23rd.

Enjoy your summer!

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July 7th ~ The Star Festival ~


July 7th is the day of Tanabata, the Star Festival.
The event was introduced into Japan in the 8th century and became popular during the Edo Period.

This is the only day in a year when a pair of lovers, stars separated by the Milky Way, can see each other.

It is said that the event is a combination of Chinese tradition with beliefs peculiar to Japan. So, now on the day of Tanabata, people in Japan write their wishes on strips of colorful paper and hang them from bamboo branches.

Here at Trinity office, we do not have bamboo branches, so we hang our wishes from a foliage plant.


Let's see what our wishes are...


Want to have everything I want!


No more working over time :'(


World Peace :)

What are your wishes?

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iPad is coming to Japan!


As many of you have been waiting for, iPad will be finally released in Japan tomorrow, May 28th.

Though we had one month to prepare since last month when the iPad release date in Japan was postponed, the demand for iPad cases/films has been increasing far beyond our expectation.

Our factories are working day and night to catch up the production, but we are still behind the schedule, which is a good problem.

Here are some photos from Japanese stores with Simplism iPad products.



Isn't this overwhelming!?

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Golden Week


Trinity will be closed from May 1st to May 9th due to Japanese national holidays.
We call this consecutive holidays "Golden Week".

May 1st: Trinity's Birthday
May 3rd: Constitution Memorial Day
May 4th: Greenery Day
May 5th: Children's Day


On the Children's Day, families often fly the carp-shaped streamers called Koinobori outside their homes to represent strength and success in life because Chinese legends say carps become dragons when they swim up whitewater rapids.

Trinity just celebrated its 4th birthday on May 1st, hoping that we continue to be successful like waving carps in the spring wind, a symbol of a successful career.


We will be back again on May 10th, Monday.

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Simplism in Thailand


Simplism brand established its brand recognition in the Japanese market, but we are still new outside of Japan.
Thanks to our distributors, Simplism is starting to appear in the international market.

Here are some photos from Thailand!







Top selling products in Thailand:

1. Crystal Cover for iPhone
2. Silicone Case for iPod touch (2nd)
3. Silicone Case for iPhone

The popular color in Thailand:

1. Black
2. Clear
3. Red

I will be introducing more Simplism appearance in various countries.

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Flip Leather Case for iPad


Among the Simplism iPad products that we just released, my favorite one is
Flip Leather Case for iPad.


This beautifully finished leather case makes your iPad just like a stylish stationary. The flap opens to the side and you can directly access to all of the buttons and connectors without removing your iPad from the case.




Although this flip case gives elegant look to your iPad, it still provides enough protection by its hidden plates between leathers and cushioning in the back of the case that absorb shocks.

There are 3 pockets on the backside of the flap where you can put some documentations or cards.


Available in 4 colors.


- Chocolate Black
- Snow White
- Deep Red
- Camel


Our designer Ken's recommended color is "Deep Red".

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Silicone Case Set for iPad


One of the popular protection for your iPad would be a silicone case, but our Simplism Silicone Case Set for iPad is not like ordinary silicone cases.


Same as other Simplism Silicone Case series, it has anti-dust coating to prevent dust accumulation, and you can of course access directly to all of the buttons/connectors without removing iPad from the silicone case. However, you will find its biggest feature on its back.


There are 4 stable silicone feet on the back to support rounded back of iPad.


Those cushioned feet help to stabilize your iPad on the desk when typing.


Now, let me introduce our product designer "Ken", who designs Simplism product, packaging, website, catalogue, etc...
Everything comes from his creative mind.


Ken's recommended color is Blue.


Available in five colors.


Which is your favorite color?

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Working Day and Night


Have you started countdowns for the iPad release?

We are working really hard so that you can have iPad accessories soon after you get your iPad in hand.


It is already 12:00PM in Japan, but we are still working unfortunately...
We get hungry, and it is difficult to stay focused.

Luckily, we have nice kitchen in our office and many of Trinity staff is a good cook.


Chef's recommendation of today is Fried rice.


OK, we got energy charged and one more round to go!

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Trinity is closed on March 22nd for our national holiday "Shunbun",
Vernal Equinox Day.

It is the day when the sun reaches the vernal equinox, and it is the day when day and night are of equal length.

It snowed in Tokyo last week, and we are having very unstable weather recently. However, I can now see, feel, and smell signs of spring everywhere.


AND, I can taste the spring already :)


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iPad Pre-Order


I know many of you are excited about iPad and counting the day until it will be released.


Please rest assured that we are now developing our new products for iPad.



Stay tuned!

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New Face in Trinity team


New Face in Trinity team

I am happy to tell you that a new member just joined our Trinity team
as the International Sales position on March 1st.

Every time new members join us, somehow we enjoy giving them a nickname. The very first agenda of our welcome party was to decide the nickname, and she got the nickname of "Cookie".

Why Cookie?

When we had a job interview with her, she brought her handmade cookies to show her passion to join us.


Aren't they amazing?


Trinity Logo




Though all of the girls in Trinity team have a sweet tooth, this is not the reason that we hired Cookie.
She is very motivated and enthusiastic about selling Simplism products.
I am sure that she can be a big help for us to grow Simplism brand more worldwide!

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Vancouver Olympics 2010 @ Zion


For many of Japanese Olympics fans, today is a big day.
The women's figure skating short program.

7PM in Vancouver is 12AM in Japan, our lunch time.
We gathered in our theater room to cheer for the skaters in front of the 80-inch screen.


Kim Yu-Na came out on top, and Mao-chan came in second after the short program.


Can't wait to see tomorrow's free skate program!


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National Foundation Day


February 11th is celebrated as National Foundation Day in Japan.

In the the Kojiki and the Nihonshoki, the Japanese ancient chronicles written in the eighth century, it is recorded that the first emperor of Japan was Emperor Jinmu, and he was a descendant of Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun. It is said that he ascended to the Imperial Throne and built his capital in the Yamato district (current Nara prefecture) on this day in the year 660 B.C.


The present Emperor Akihito is said to be the 126th from Jinmu Emperor in the direct line.

We will be closed for tomorrow February 11th and will be back again on February 12th, Friday.

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After Mamemaki ceremony, when you clean your room few days later, you often find some beans hidden in your room, like under a fridge or behind a sofa. We usually use dried soy beans for this Bean-Throwing ceremony, but soy beans are too small and they like to hide in corners.

So, it is a smart idea to use shelled peanuts instead, and you can even have fun with those peanuts like this!







.... Unidentified mysterious animal???

You can also use shelled peanut as a chopstick rest.


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February 3rd is Setsubun in Japan.
Setsubun literally means "the day between two seasons", and according to the lunar calendar, winter ends on this day.

On Setsubun, Japanese people participate in traditional events to drive away evil spirits and bring in good fortune. One of the events is Bean-Throwing Ceremony called "Mamemaki", and people throw beans at home or temples while shouting "Fortune in and demons out." After the ceremony, people eat the same number of beans as their age to wish for good health


Here at Trinity office, we also enjoyed this "Mamemaki"!



Devils Out! Good Luck In!

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CES2010 is over...


We have spent busy 4 days at CES show, and I must say that it was a successful show for us as a Simplism team.

I would like to thank everyone who came and visited our booth.
It was a great opportunity to hear direct comments on our products and we got so many visitors from so many different countries.
South Africa, Turkey, Morocco, Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Philippine, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Venezuela, South Africa, Dubai, Puerto Rico, and even from Andorra.

At our booth, there was something that got everyone's attention.


Want to know about what they got so excited?
Here is what it is!

It is almost 6am now in Las Vegas and I am ready to fly out to Japan....

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Happy Holidays!


With each passing year, I feel a day passes faster and faster...

Today is the last business day in 2009 for Trinity.
It's been a busy but a successful year for us, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support to Simplism products.


Trinity, Inc. will be closed starting Saturday, December 26th and reopening Monday, January 4, 2010.

Have a great holiday!

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Emperor's Birthday


Trinity will be closed on December 23rd due to the national holiday,
Emperor's Birthday.

Emperor Akihito, the present Japanese Emperor, was born on December 23, 1933. This has been a national holiday since 1989. On this day, the Nijubashi, or the main gate of the Imperial Palace is open to the public. The Emperor and the royal family make a personal appearance on the second-floor balcony of the Imperial Palace to greet people who gathered to celebrate his birthday.


We will be back again on December 24th.

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Simplism in Japan


There are only 2 weeks left this year.
Have you done all of your Christmas shopping?

This season of the year is one of the busiest period for electronics retail stores in the Japanese market. I would like to show you how our Simplism products are displayed at Japanese stores.








Hope to see those sights in your countries in the not-so-distant future.

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