BLOG - August, 2017

Making of NuAns Vol.1


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Tetsushi Hoshikawa, CEO of Trinity, Inc. who produces Simplism, mobile accessories, especially for iPhone, always begins his development process by asking himself what he himself would really want and how to make it provide the highest utility. 


These are the simple guiding principles he has used whenever he has sought to develop not only unique, specialty-use accessories such as "The Fingerist," a micro-guitar with built in amplifier that your iPhone fits into for use with music playing apps, but also mass production products such as iPhone cases or Sleeve for MacBook. He has applied these same principles to the ideas for the NuAns brand.

Making of NuAns 1.png

He said, 

"I had relied on advanced graphic design to create different products such as iPhone cases but I had been contemplating making something with a clean look." 


He decided to focus on making digital tools that he felt would positively impact people's everyday lives. He continued, 

"We wanted these products to be distinguished as high-end, not mixed amongst existing cheap plastic goods, by offering a superior experience. So I decided to collaborate with a product designer to make a unique new brand."


Tetsushi (Hoshikawa)  contacted 'TENT', an industrial design group whom he had exchanged some product ideas in the past. 


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