ajouter Handie for All The Ladies



Hi Everyone!


I have been an iPhone lover for about 3 years.

Even though there are bigger and high-res screen iPhones such as iPhone 6, 6s series or iPhone 7 series, I am still stick to the smaller 5 series size.

Since my iPhone got officially zombie recently, I have purchased iPhone SE.


Many of my girlfriends also got iPhone SE after using iPhone 5 or 5s or 5c. I asked them the reasons why they still got iPhone SE. Their thought was the same as mine.


"4.7 inch or 5.5 inch are too big for girls!"

"What if we dropped it and cracked the screen?"


Yea, I know. I know.

iPhones are relatively expensive and you do not want to have any scratches or cracks at all. We ladies are afraid of not being able to hold it firmly and drop it someday.


When I saw one of the new case from the Simplism "ajouter" collection, I thought like I was hit by thunder. Lol


It is Handie comes with 4 different pop & cute colors (3 colors for iPhone 7+)

It is a smooth and anti-bacterial silicone case with pleather rear hand band.

You can store 1 card in the case between device.


The silicone material has special anti-dust coating, so you do not have to worry about it gets dusty.


ajouter Handie.jpg

If you use the bigger size iPhone with this case, you do not have to worry about dropping it off while you use it.


This case will broaden up the choices of my next smartphone.


If you put FLEX3D, the indestructible glass screen protector and is my favorite product from Simplism as well, with this Handie, you can fully protect your iPhone.


Check out FLEX3D Drop Test Video:

FLEX 3D.jpg

Get one on Amazon: