BLOG - December, 2016

Trinity's Greeting Card in 2016


Every year, we send our original greeting card to our foreign customers and partners. The card is designed by Desired Line Studio (DLS) which designs Simplism brand.

This is the card of this year. Very Japanese like deign x green & red Christmas colors. Black make them all into one solid and stable design.



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Christmas Gift Recommendation from Trinity Staff


Development Team / Una

"Dress + Belt design, Horizontal FlipNote Case"
[Belty] ajouter Flip Note Case

This Gold Belty is gorgeous iPhone case, best gift for Christmas gift!

You can get one on Amazon:



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What's the "H" for Surface Hardness level?


When you take a close look at some packages of screen protection film or glass, you can often find "9H Surface Hardness" or "3H Surface Hardness".  


Nobody knew what exactly it was. Maybe the bigger number we get, the better? 

Today, I would like to unveil what it is. 

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ajouter Handie for All The Ladies


Hi Everyone!


I have been an iPhone lover for about 3 years.

Even though there are bigger and high-res screen iPhones such as iPhone 6, 6s series or iPhone 7 series, I am still stick to the smaller 5 series size.

Since my iPhone got officially zombie recently, I have purchased iPhone SE.


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