Indestructible Aegis Pro_iPhone 7 / 7 Plus TPU Case with FLEX3D Frame Glass Film



Looking for something entirely new in a phone case? 
Something so unique that it will entice your curiosity? 

The Simplism+ Aegis Pro is a case designed at an entirely new level. 
This indestructible case is malleable and shock absorbent. 

Aegis Pro.jpg

The durable TPU case covers virtually 98.8% of your phone. 

For added protection, all connection ports, buttons, and switches are covers with a detachable silicone material. 

If you are looking for something even better, the Aegis Pro is available with the FLEX 3D Glass Film by Simplism+. 

The FLEX 3D is a virtually indestructible glass film comprised of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) materials that contour to the iPhone 7 curved edges. 


Where Can You Get One?  

Go to the link below to get your very own Aegis Pro today!