Have you met TILE?



Hi guys J

This simple and stylish desk light is called TILE.

This TILE is gonna be a great gift for holiday season.

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This is not just a desk light. This is a LED light stand that can charge an iPhone or iPad.

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We've designed an LED light with charging dock capabilities to help reduce the number of cables cluttering up your desk.

The storable Lightning connector has a rotating mechanism which allows the charging plug to be stored when it is not in use. The storable design is there not only to make TILE look stylish but also serves to rest and hold your iPhone or iPad in an optimal angle and position.


By rotating the Lightning terminal hidden in the base, you can easily charge your iPhone and iPad at an easy-to-use angle. The arm stand of TILE supports your device as it charges. The silicon wraps the arm to form a protective layer and keeps your devices unscratched when it is in the charging position. 


The Lightning connector is capable of up to a 2.4A output, the maximum electric current for quick charging an iPhone. It charges faster than the iPhone's AC adapter that comes with the iPhone.

With light strength settings, warm and cold color settings, the ability to adjust the angle of the light, and a USB charger on the back, this light is full of all the simple, but necessary, features.



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