Best Gifts Suggestion



Have you already decided any gifts for your family and friends?

What are you going to give them?

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 I would love to recommend you some products that will be a good gift for your important people.

To Your Dad

BillFold from Simplism


This is the all-in-one iPhone case with sophisticated design.

You can put your iPhone, ID card, Business cards, Credit cards and bills into this case.

Just grab this case then you are ready to go!

It has the self-standing feature by the way.


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To Your Mom



Mobile battery is generally bulky and not handy at all, sometimes its metallic body would damage your other stuff in your bag or the battery itself get a lot of scratches.

However, this is very handy and looks very pretty and stylish. The surface is covered by felt and it has the short but long enough lightning cable already. It is thin so that even female users can hold it with iPhone with one hand.

It will lighten your mom's bag a lot.

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To Your Boyfriend



It is a short lightning cable can be hang in the keychain. When you close it, you don't see the metal pins so that it doesn't look like a lightning cable.

It has the leather-like cutting on its surface so it doesn't look like a cheap product. When you use it, you just take it out from bag or the key chain and pull out the pin. You no longer have to worry about tangling or winding it up to store again.

This will be the perfect present for the cool guy like your boyfriend.

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To Your Girlfriend

Belty from Simplism "ajouter" collection


If your pretty girlfriend has an iPhone, what about sending this dress designed iPhone case to her? There are 4 color variations for iPhone 6,6s and 7. My favorite one is of course the pink but other colors are also shiny and classy.

Maybe you can send a real dress with this case on the special day. This case will help you to make her smile.

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Have a great holidays :)