BLOG - November, 2016

Best Gifts Suggestion


Have you already decided any gifts for your family and friends?

What are you going to give them?

HappyHoliday Everyone!.png

 I would love to recommend you some products that will be a good gift for your important people.

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Indestructible Aegis Pro_iPhone 7 / 7 Plus TPU Case with FLEX3D Frame Glass Film


Looking for something entirely new in a phone case? 
Something so unique that it will entice your curiosity? 

The Simplism+ Aegis Pro is a case designed at an entirely new level. 
This indestructible case is malleable and shock absorbent. 

Aegis Pro.jpg

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Have you met TILE?


Hi guys J

This simple and stylish desk light is called TILE.

This TILE is gonna be a great gift for holiday season.

<Concept Video of TILE>

This is not just a desk light. This is a LED light stand that can charge an iPhone or iPad.

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What is the SideKick?


The Simplism+ SideKick is an upgraded version of the popular FlipNote case. 

With features that came standard with the Flip Note case like the self-standing capability and card holders, the SideKick is equipped with a self-locking mechanism to keep your case closed at all times. 

20160722- (12).jpg

20160722- (13).jpg

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