BLOG - September, 2016

"ajouter" By Simplism+


Introducing ajouter by Simplism+, a feminine approach to a product line that did not offer much to the female consumer. 

An all female design team created a concept to "ajouter", or add, a feminine twist to every product. 

Taking concepts from fashion, accessories, and colors that make any woman feel great;  ajouter is a line that incorporates all aspects of a women's daily life into an affordable case. 

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FLEX 3D for iPhone 7 & iPhone 7+



Introducing a new age in glass screen protectors. Simplism+ designed a virtually indestructible glass film comprised of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) materials. Having so much confidence in their film, Simplism+ is offering to fully replace or refund any cracked or damaged films. With its indestructible edges, FLEX 3D will cover the entire display of the phone from corner to corner. Unfortunately, the FLEX 3D film is not compatible with the iPhone 6 series, three variations of the FLEX 3D film will be hitting the US market with the release of the iPhone 7.

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SImplism_Cross body Bag_Backpack_Eco leather_ iPad mini retina case _ NUNO _ Scratch Resistant Film_ Aegis


We have a new blog update on our Cross body Bag. Come check our our Blog! 

Get your back to school Backpacks from Simplism! The Backpack case conveniently allows you to keep two cards in the exterior case. Keeping your cards safe and protected throughout your school day.


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ROLLDOCK_MFi Products_Thank you message from NuAns NEO_Must-have-item for Pokemon Go!_BANDWIRE_CONE


The smart way to stay charged. ROLLDOCK by NuAns.

Watch the video by clicking Here!  

Summer is about going outside and having fun. Don't be tied down by your phones short battery life. The ROLLDOCK by NuAns is compact and portable allowing you to stay fully charged during these long summer days!



Monday's are always difficult. Hope this little motivation will help you get through your day!



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Simplism_BillFold_NUNO_Ultra Thin Case_ Magical Tool_Journal


The Billfold is stylish and can hold all your essentials. Stop carrying around bulky wallets and get your Billfold by Simplism today!



The NUNO Fabric Case by Simplism comes in various different styles and textures. Making it the perfect case to match any style and any occasion. Check out the full line up of NUNO cases on or click the link to get yours today!




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New FlipNote Pocket case from "ajouter"


You can now reserve iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus from today! What kind of case do you want to put on your brand new iPhone?

Simplism's new iPhone 7 accessories are now officially released on the same day as iPhone 7 release.

Today, I would like to introduce "FlipNote Pocket" case from Simplism "ajouter", that is more for female users.

Minimised the functions, it is classy simple flip note case with an affordable price. You can have enough functions with this thin simple beautiful case.



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It's coming...




It will come.

On the 7th!!

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