BLOG - February, 2016

Why do we need films?



Since we use smartphones everyday, it must be so sad if you dropped your smartphone and the display cracked like this. (and it's expensive to fix it or buy new one...)

No worries!

The only thing you have to do is put a film or protector on your display. This is very simple but very effective.

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NuAns NEO x GRAMAS Real Leather Cover & Case


Guys, your smartphone is no longer just a tool for texting or Internet!!

It is time to customize it as a part of your fashion.

According to the press release, Trinity, Inc., announced "NuAns & GRAMAS" will release the high-quality leather material NEO TWOTONE cover / FLIP case. 

The TWOTONE cover will be on sale from February 17, 2016 and the FLIP case will be on market at the beginning of March. You can get them on Trinity NuAns Store (sorry! Only in Japan!!)

NEO Cover & Case by "GRAMAS"


These are the TWOTONE covers and FLIP cases which made by "GRAMAS".

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4 Products from NuAns have won the "iF Design Award"


Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 12.01.55 PM.png

We have been talking about NuAns NEO more lately. Today, we would like to talk about the great news of NuAns series.

4 products from NuAns have got the world famous design award "iF Design Award".

We have got the "Good Design Award" in Japan in last September. We are very happy that TENT (the designer of NuAns) design and the concept of NuAns have been widely accepted. We are quite sure that NuAns would be a global brand little by little in the future.

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The Flowers and Chocolates Cliché


For years, women have been receiving flowers and chocolates for Valentine's Day. With a smile on their face and reluctant joy in their hearts, many accept. I, however, want to think outside of the mundane social traditions and give a gift that is unexpected.

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NEO : Which Is Your Favorite Pattern?


Hi guys :)

Today we would like to share a staff blog of Japanese HQ in English because I thought it is very interesting.

Japanese Blog by Mog :

We have conducted a questionnaire before, but we still waiting for your answer :)

Which is your favorite NEO covers?

NEO has hardware called the CORE and users can customize NEO with 72 patters of cover: Top 8 x Bottom 8 = 64 patterns "TWOTONE" and the flip note style cover "FLIP" comes with 2 card cases. Since the covers are sold separately, users can change the patterns after purchasing one. According to online pre-orders, the most popular patters are listed below.


However, with such many patterns, some of you might not be able to pick "your one", do you? :)

For those people, I will tell you the recommended patterns from our NEO development team.

Here are our NuAns Initial recommendation.  eferencemodel.jpg

Here is the "TEAM NEO"!!


I will introduce each one of them and their "favorite" to you from left to right.

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