BLOG - October, 2015

Is Privacy a Privilege?


With our eyes glued to a screen, big or small, throughout the day, we often forget about the environment around us. A sense of control and leisure consumes us when we delve into our daily delights on the digital web. However, we tend to forget the peeping Pauls' and the nosy Nancys' that we have all come to know.

Is privacy a privilege? No!

I find myself traveling a lot these days. From the state of California to the neighboring states of Nevada and Arizona. I am often herded into planes then packed like sardines into seats half of the size they should be. When humans are packed unnaturally close to each other, eyes often tend to drift; not always intentionally, but out of peer boredom.

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The iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6+ Showdown


Hi All!

The other day I was sitting on the beach drinking a warm cup of coffee watching the sun rise. Periodically I would look down at my 2 year old iPhone 5 to check sports or news updates. Within minutes, my battery life went from 100% to 83% scrolling through a couple of articles. From there i realized, this was it; it is time for me to retire my iPhone 5 and purchase the iPhone 6.

But which one should I buy? I broke it down into 3 easy categories that helped me narrow down my decision.

  1. Screen Size:

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