Salutations and Simplism!



Hello friends!

My name is Michael. It has been an honor and a privilege to be accepted into the Simplism family. I hope that what they see in me will reflect in my work to come.

Now a little background on myself. I am currently living in the United States, California to be exact, and have been for about 15 years of my life. However, I was born in Yokohama, Japan, and truly have the soul and heart of a Japanese man. I live for the beach, sun, and surf. I feel that when I am not in the water, I can never truly find peace. In fact, I was surfing this morning!


If I am not surfing or finding the next best café for a good cup of coffee, I am helping Simplism spread the word of their amazing products.  I have worked with a couple of other companies before, but none have been as welcoming as this family. I will be sure to update you with my new life with Simplism.

Until next time!