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Hello from Seattle -I'm Casie




My name is Casie and I would like to welcome you to the newly re-launched Simplism blog. We are so excited for the kick-off of this blog and all the content we have to share with you. From the latest Simplism product info, new concepts, events, Apple announcements and even fashion trends we want to keep you up to speed on everything that is happening at Simplism and in the mobile space.  

As Maricor explained in her blog, Simplism is a leading iPhone accessory brand from Japan that is making a splash in the US market with simple, functional and stylish designs.

At Simplism we pride ourselves on giving our customers extra value with every purchase! We create innovative products, using the latest technology, and of course beautiful and innovative designs so that everyone can find something to match their style and needs. With this blog we hope to give you insight on how we come up with new ideas, the technology we use and product tips so you get the most out of every case.

A little bit about me, I am an avid user of all Apple products. I live and work in Seattle and travel a lot both for work and fun. I love the ever changing nature of the tech space. You can always find me at conventions like CES scoping out the latest trends.

Speaking of trends, have you upgraded to the iPhone 6 yet? With the launch of the new bigger and better phone we created some brand new cases and even bags to help protect without adding bulk and excess weight to the device. You can explore all the new iPhone 6 cases available now on here: .  

To find out more about our products visit our website or our storefront on

Stay tuned for more blogging from me, my partners Claire and Maricor on their internationally savvy insights and info! 



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