BLOG - December, 2009

Happy Holidays!


With each passing year, I feel a day passes faster and faster...

Today is the last business day in 2009 for Trinity.
It's been a busy but a successful year for us, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support to Simplism products.


Trinity, Inc. will be closed starting Saturday, December 26th and reopening Monday, January 4, 2010.

Have a great holiday!

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Emperor's Birthday


Trinity will be closed on December 23rd due to the national holiday,
Emperor's Birthday.

Emperor Akihito, the present Japanese Emperor, was born on December 23, 1933. This has been a national holiday since 1989. On this day, the Nijubashi, or the main gate of the Imperial Palace is open to the public. The Emperor and the royal family make a personal appearance on the second-floor balcony of the Imperial Palace to greet people who gathered to celebrate his birthday.


We will be back again on December 24th.

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Simplism in Japan


There are only 2 weeks left this year.
Have you done all of your Christmas shopping?

This season of the year is one of the busiest period for electronics retail stores in the Japanese market. I would like to show you how our Simplism products are displayed at Japanese stores.








Hope to see those sights in your countries in the not-so-distant future.

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Crystal Cover for iPhone 3G/3GS


We are happy to introduce this Crystal Cover for iPhone to you, which we just released and this has been a great success in the Japanese market.


All of the staff members at Trinity are using iPhone for work and for fun, and iPhone has become a part of our daily life and indispensable item.
So, we always seek to make new eye-opening accessories that many iPhone users have been looking for.

As an iPhone user, the biggest concern is probably how we can protect our iPhone from getting scratches especially on the display. However, you do not want to lose the operability of iPhone by wearing a bulky case even it may protect your iPhone.

To protect iPhone display with a hard case, we need to make separate parts of a case and combine them, and the material needs to have certain thickness in order to maintain enough strength. However, we wanted to make
a hard case as thin as possible, and this means that the case should consist of only one part.

To solve this headache, this Crystal Cover for iPhone has "corner guard" on each corner.


By having this tiny little guard, iPhone display surface will not touch the desk even when you place the display side down on the desk!

Same as the Crystal Shell for iPod nano (5th), this Crystal Cover for iPhone has the great "anti-scratch coating".

Available in 3 colors:

- Forever Crystal
- Milky White
- Smokey Black


My recommendation is to ware Milky White for white iPhone and Smokey Black for black iPhone. If your iPhone already has some stretches, those colored Crystal Cover can hide small scratches and make you feel that your iPhone is still brand new :)

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Leather Collection Carabiner Style



Simplism has released the Carabiner Style for iPod nano (5th) and Carabiner Style for iPod classic last week.

This is one of the style that we have been wanted to add to our leather case line up, but it took us so long to develop this style because we never compromise the product quality and encountered some difficulties until we achieved this satisfactory quality.

The biggest challenge was to find the best quality PVC material to cover the front of the iPod. If it's too thick, that will affect the click wheel operation, but if it's too thin, it will not give enough protection or sticks to the iPod surface. We needed the PVC that will also not get wrinkled when it is stitched with the leather material.

After much trial and error, we are now happy to introduce this Carabiner Style to you.


Hook your iPod to the belt loop


And even to your bag


Carabiner Style will give you easy access to the iPod to enjoy your music life even more!


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