BLOG - November, 2009

Labor Thanksgiving Day


Labor Thanksgiving day (勤労感謝の日) is celebrated on November 23rd in Japan.

It became a holiday in 1948 as a day to honor labor, celebrate production and give thanks to one another according to the national holiday law.
It originates from a Japanese harvest festival called Niiname-Sai, and
Niiname means the first harvests of the year.


Yes, we have been working very hard and deserve a day off :)

Trinity will be closed on Nov 23rd and will be back again on Nov 24th.

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BCN Ranking & Amazon Japan Bestseller Ranking


After releasing Simplism new product lineup for the iPod nano (5th), we have been receiving great feedback from customers.

iPod nano (5th) was released on September 10th 2009, and we are happy to announce that the Simplism Silicone Case for iPod nano (5th) ranked first in the portable audio accessory category of the September monthly ranking in the BCN Ranking (Japanese major ranking research company).


Also on September 15th 2009 of "Amazon", the biggest online shopping mall in Japan, Simplism products swept the podium in the "portable audio accessory" category!

1. Protector Film set for iPod nano (5th)

2. Silicone Case for iPod nano (5th)

3. Crystal Shell for iPod nano (5th)


Please note that this one-two-three finish was a momentary ranking when we took this screenshot because Amazon ranking constantly changes with time.

We would like to thank all of our customers for the great support.
This is extremely encouraging for us and will be our energy source to continue to develop a product that is simple yet has some plus value added as our brand Simplism stands for.

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