BLOG - September, 2009

Simplism Crystal Shell, one step ahead


We have released a variety of product line up for the iPod nano (5th), and the striking new product among them is Crystal Shell for iPod nano (5th).

When we designed our bestselling Crystal Shell for iPod nano (4th) last year, we made a special mould so that it will not leave lines called "mould line" on the case, which you often see on the polycarbonate hard cases in the market.



We successfully designed our beautiful Crystal Shell as clear as possible with no mould lines.


However this year, we knew that our competitors would also release similar products when the new iPod nano model is released. So, we wanted add one more twist to make our Crystal Shell stay one step ahead.

Polycarbonate is impact-resistant material and is transparent that makes iPod in the case look nice and clean, however on the other hand, the biggest problem when you use polycarbonate hard cases is that the case gets scratches as you use it, and the case itself will no longer look as clear as it used to be.
This was the hint for one more twist that we were looking for.

We tried several different materials to seek for the answer to make a polycarbonate hard case that doesn't get scratches. However, if we changed the material, the case was not as clear as it used to be, and was not as strong as it should be. Then, we came up with the idea to give a special coating over the polycarbonate that prevents cases from getting scratches.

As the result of trial and error, we finally released Simplism Crystal Shell for iPod nano (5th) with this special coating called anti-scratch coating.

We tested to rub both non-coated polycarbonate case and anti-scratch coated case against the pearskin finish plastic.



[Left] non-coated polycarbonate case

[Right] polycarbonate case with anti-scratch coating

Though this special coating doesn't guarantee 100% scratch free, you can prevent most of the scratches you may get during normal daily use.


This anti-scratch coating process requires high technique (and costs) and is very difficult to maintain the same quality coating.
It sure makes Simplism Crystal Shell stay one step ahead, and we hope you can enjoy your iPod life with this beautiful clear protection.

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Silver Week


In Japan, we have consecutive national holidays that are so-called "Golden Week", which runs from the end of April to the beginning of May every year.
If you are lucky, you can have a nine-day-straight holiday.

Why we call it Golden Week?
After the National Holidays Law was brought into effect in 1948, the number of people who went to see movies at theaters was increased during this holiday week. So, the owners of movie theaters started to call this week "Golden Week", which meant "supremely wonderful week".
Since then, this word has become popular and now everybody uses it.

This year 2009, we have another five consecutive national holidays in September, which we call "Silver Week".

Sep 19th: Saturday
Sep 20th: Sunday
Sep 21st: Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day
Sep 22nd: National Holiday
Sep 23rd: Autumnal Equinox Day


Not as supreme as Gold, but Silver is still wonderful.

Trinity will be closed from Sep 19th till Sep 23rd, and we will be back again on Sep 24th.

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The DAY has come!



As many of you have been expecting, Apple released new iPod generations today.

The highlight of this new release is the iPod nano with a camera.
To our surprise, you can shoot video not only still image, which is much greater than we expected.

We will be releasing our Simplism product lineup for the new iPod generation.
Look out for it!

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