BLOG - June, 2009

Another Rainy Day....


Around this time of the year, we have the rainy season called "Tsuyu" in Japan, which usually lasts for about one month from early June.

Tsuyu in Chinese characters is 梅雨.
梅 = Japanese apricot
雨 = rain

Why apricot rain?
According to Wikipedia....

There are several theories about the origin of 梅雨, and one of them is that the apricot reaches peak ripeness during this rainy season.

I see, that's true.
I usually make my Plum Sake around this time!


We are expecting more rainy days this week....
When this rainy season ends later this month, we will have the hot summer!


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What is Simplism?


You may have wondered where does our brand name "Simplism" come from.
What does it stand for?


Here is the answer for you.

Simplism is a word that we created; simple + ~ism

The concept of our product design is as simple as possible but still have something unique in its feature. Plus budget-friendly pricing.
The Simplism logo symbolizes this vision, don't you think?

Our product design is very simple, but there are so many well-thought details behind. You can see, feel and experience it once you use our products because our Simplism design team always designe our products as an Apple product user and from an Apple fan point of view.

Simplism products are made by Apple fans for Apple fans!


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Happy Birthday To Trinity


One month has already passed, but May 1st is Trinity's birthday.

Trinity, Inc. was established on May 1st in 2006, and there were only
3 of us when we started Trinity.
Fortunately we are growing year by year, 3 years have passed,
and now there are 8 of us being very strong team.

Based on our experience as a distributor to import products into Japan,
Trinity launched our own brand called "Simplism" in 2007 in order to
produce products that meet users needs.

Thanks to all the support from users, Simplism achieved great success
in the Japanese market. Simplism products are the No. 1 iPhone
accessory brand name in Japan based on the BCN Ranking for
quantities sold in 2008!

Now it's about time Simplism entered the international market as
a designed-in-Japan brand --- dreaming of seeing Simplism products
in worldwide.....

We will be sharing more stories behind Simplism brand.

written by fu

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