Thank you for praying for Japan


It was such a scary moment.

The earthquake hit Japan on March 11th Friday, 2011, the fourth most powerful earthquake in the world.

The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake

It was the biggest and longest earthquake we have ever experienced.
Even in Tokyo area, we still feel many aftershocks everyday, and our
office will be affected by the rolling blackouts.

We were so grateful for the condolences and compassion received
from many countries, that surely encouraged us.

This event made us think deeply about the meaning of life and feel
how affluent life we have been living surrounded by sufficient supplies.

There still are so many missing people and evacuators in disaster areas.
To support the reconstruction of Japan, we decided to give financial
assistance as donations through Japanese Red Cross Workers' Union.

We wish to extend our heartfelt sympathies to all those affected by
this earthquake.

The Land of the Rising Sun, there is always tomorrow.

がんばれ 日本。

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Show is over

Busy busy 4 days are now over, and we would like to thank everyone
who came to our booth.



The Fingerist from our other brand EVENNO is always fun attention grabber!


We just had a big project with Macy's and, and we got so excited to see the person who actually had the special limited color BLUE Flip Leather Case for iPad that we made for Macy's!


We Simplism team had very productive show this year, and hoping that you will be seeing us in more countries.


Once again, thank you for visiting our booth and hope to see you again next year at the CES 2012.

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Simplism CES 2011

Hello again from Las Vegas!


We are happy to inform you about our presence at CES 2011 in Las Vegas.


Our booth color stands for the Simplism concept of this year "organic", and
we have set up our booth with all by hand work.

It was really hard work, and plus our boxes of product samples got lost in the convention center and had so much struggles to find them :'(




Anyways, glad that our booth look really nice and looking forward to seeing you at our booth #4416, North Hall (iLounge Pavilion).

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A Happy New Year 2011

2011 is the year of the Rabbit in Chinese zodiac sign.


Hoping that Simplism will make another big jump this year and bring smiles to all the people in Simplism paradise!

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What's new?


New iPod, new accessories. These are our basic line for you to choose from.

"The very basic"
Simplism Protector Film Set for iPod nano (6th) Crystal Clear TR-PFSNN6-CC

Simplism Protector Film Set for iPod nano (6th) Anti-glare TR-PFSNN6-AG
"Compact yet highly protective"
Simplism Silicone Case Set for iPod nano 6th TR-SCSNN6

"Be free from tangled cable"
All above items include wavy shaped cable organizer. Wind up cable and clip it to a pocket or collar.

See the wave.

It grabs and holds cable just like this. Convenient!

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The season is here.


This is my second year here in Trinity. It means that this is the second time around preparing new accessories for new iPod models.

Our project started working on it in the middle of last month.
This time, we have tons of new stuff for iPod touch, hoping to show you as soon as possible.
Some iPod touch 6th cases are resized versions of popular iPhone 4 cases, and some are totally new in color and material.
Of course, there are some nice variation in iPod nano and shuffle cases.
We will include nice bonus items in a package that bring you more convenient iPod life.

Majority of new stuff will be out by the end of month in Japan.
For international distribution, please wait for news updates.

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Summer Holiday

Are you surviving in this heat?
Trinity will be closed for summer holiday from August 14th to 22nd.


We will be back again on August 23rd.

Enjoy your summer!

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July 7th ~ The Star Festival ~

July 7th is the day of Tanabata, the Star Festival.
The event was introduced into Japan in the 8th century and became popular during the Edo Period.

This is the only day in a year when a pair of lovers, stars separated by the Milky Way, can see each other.

It is said that the event is a combination of Chinese tradition with beliefs peculiar to Japan. So, now on the day of Tanabata, people in Japan write their wishes on strips of colorful paper and hang them from bamboo branches.

Here at Trinity office, we do not have bamboo branches, so we hang our wishes from a foliage plant.


Let's see what our wishes are...


Want to have everything I want!


No more working over time :'(


World Peace :)

What are your wishes?

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iPad is coming to Japan!

As many of you have been waiting for, iPad will be finally released in Japan tomorrow, May 28th.

Though we had one month to prepare since last month when the iPad release date in Japan was postponed, the demand for iPad cases/films has been increasing far beyond our expectation.

Our factories are working day and night to catch up the production, but we are still behind the schedule, which is a good problem.

Here are some photos from Japanese stores with Simplism iPad products.



Isn't this overwhelming!?

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